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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unexpected haul at Clementi Mall BHG

I wasn't expecting to buy anything at Clementi Mall BHG. I was passing through actually. But I got sucked in by the Japanese products they had. I just wanted to have a look at them and I came across a huge display of OPI polishes. They were going for 20% discount.

I know there must be cheaper places to get OPI polishes but I'm not a nail polish hoarder. But in tune with the summery colours I just had to pick out the orange and yellow polish. I couldn't resist getting the blue glitter too.

Total cost of all three polishes came out to be SGD $56.50. Yikes!

Need Sunglasses apply streaky. I had to apply three coats to get an even coat. I added Etude House's sparkly nail polish to amp it up.

Do you collect nail polishes? What are your favourite shades?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Urban Decay's Summer Love Nail Polish Collection Review

I really wanted to get this during the recent UD Friends and Family discount but they put a restriction on this, no air shipping because it is flammable. I didn't want to risk buying this and have my order cancelled. Anyway I made use of my $40 voucher to get this set. It costs SGD$45. It is in my opinion quite a bit to pay for a set of 7 mini nail polishes but the summery colours are so attractive, who can resist.

Taken from the Urban Decay website:

Hard to choose which shade of polish you want? Celebrate free love with all of them! More arousing than full-size single bottles, this kit of IT girl polishes delivers punchy, offbeat shades of teal, orange, pink and orchid that will drive you absolutely mad. Your healthy inner hippie will appreciate that all of our colors are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP and your analytical left brain will love the 220-strand brush for a highly detailed application of color. Fit them all into a purple faux suede zipper case and you’ll be ready to swing.

The nail polishes come housed in this old gold destressed bag. I wonder if the gold plastic would just flake off. Doesn't look at all sturdy.

Okay I'm not good at nail polishes, so just look at the colour not the nails okay.

Shine On is a terrific bronze brown shade.

Woodstock is a super bright neon pink which I'm currently wearing on my fingernails. Just one coat is enough.

This is my ugly toe. Anyway, my manicurist did a inter french with Hashberry and Shine On.

Love Light doesn't photograph very well but it is a lovely sparkly shade that shines in the light. Anyway, this was done badly. after a morning of kayaking, one of my nail polish peeled off. So it was a good excuse to remove everything and paint them a different colour.

I would love to give this a 5 lipstick rating but I'm not because I felt it cost too much.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LA Girl Nal Polish

I love going for manicures and pedicures but I'm awfully careless with my hands. My nail polish gets chipped really quickly. I love glittery stuff so this caught my eye.

I was hoping to get the multi coloured glitter version but seems that I have bought the wrong bottle. Sigh! Anyway this is how it looks.

Not really that interesting huh? I think it goes better with a dark base, what do you think?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini drugstore haul

After finding a tool to help me put on fake lashes, I've been hunting for a decent pair of lashes that aren't overly dramatic and unnatural. I don't know why but the lashes at Sasa just look too much for me.

I popped over at John Little's at Jurong Point and picked up these lashes that looked more natural to me. I was also worried about removal. I don't want to harm my natural lashes so I got this.

I can't wait to test them out. John Little is a drugstore makeup heaven. There are so many cute and interesting bibs and bobs of makeup. They sold many versions of the lash applicator thingamajig. Ardell has a version that sells for about $5. There was another, couldn't remember the name that sold for $12.

I couldn't help myself and picked up a glittery nail polish.

Totally non-makeup related but I saw something that totally disgusted and shocked me. I saw a family of three, mom, little sister and big brother about 11 years old perhaps. Big brother and sister were probably having a mini spat like sometimes siblings do. Then mom goes and gives her son a big kick on his hips! Thats not the worst, son kicks mom and they literally had a kick fight going on in a departmental store. I just couldn't help myself but stare, What the hell! And we wonder how sometimes kids act like that, its because their parents arent good examples.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cheap nail thrills

While waiting for DH to show up for lunch, I walked around City Hall. I spied Skin Food and went in to dabble with their nail polishes and stuff. This is what I got.

I really like the cutesy nail stickers. They were going for $5 so whats there not to love.

It was raining for the past few days, so DH and I were kinda stuck in the hotel suite. I got busy and experimented with the stickers. Tada!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

OPI Happy Anniversary Swatches

This is the second OPI nail polish I bought at Sephora. I love it because it is so glittery qwithout being too OTT. Something I can still wear to work. The glitters are so fine and non-gritty!

I'm wearing Happy Anniversary on its own here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

OPI Nail Polish Otherwise Engaged Swatch

I don't usually do my nails by myself. I'm a total klutz and can never paint my nails properly. Anyway, I needed a nail colour for my in between manicure and pedicure days. A colour that looked natural with a bit of pearly shine. I went over to Sephora to have a look at the colours they have. They don't really have a big selection but this colour caught my eye. It costs SGD$23.50 for an OPI nail polish in Singapore. I think it is very expensive. It costs about USD $7.40.