Saturday, December 17, 2016

NARS Sarah Moon Shadow Side Eye Set: Mini Velvet Shadow Sticks: Lucid Dream, Real Surreal and Nunavut

The Nars Sarah Moon Shadow Side Eye set was an incidental buy. I only wanted the Glass Metropolis set but somehow the SA there talked me into getting this. I love cream eye shadows especially stick versions and look at how cute these were. For $56, I get three mini shadow sticks and a mini mascara. I thought it was quite worth the while.

Lucid Dream, Real Surreal and Nunavut

These shadow sticks are creamy and blend very easily. I use my fingers to blend these. They don't dry down too fast so I have time to blend them to my heart's content. They stay put on my lids without creasing, smudging or fading after the entire day.

Lucid Dream all over the lids

Real Surreal on the lids

Nunavut close to the lash line

SGD $56

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