Friday, December 9, 2016

Beautylish Jeffree Star Special Edition Lip Box: Gemini, Rose Matter, and Mannequin

I really do love the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks as compared to any other liquid matte lipsticks out there. They don't settle on my lip lines making them look dry. They aren't drying on my lips and wear very well throughout the day. Reapplication is a breeze. This Lip Box finally came into stock again and even though I was not interested in the lightest shade Mannequin, I had to get it.

Left to right: Mannequin, Gemini and Rose Matter


Rose Matter

Rose Matter
I am surprised that I love Gemini even more than Rose Matter. It is a gorgeous natural shade on me and it makes my lips look fuller. Rose Matter looks slightly too bright for my skin tone.

I am not even going to show you a lip swatch of Mannequin. It looks too horrifying to subject you to it. I can't see Mannequin being flattering on anyone from medium to dark skin tones. It is just very difficult to pull off. 

Anyway if you prefer unscented lip products please be aware these have a faint cola scent.

USD $54


  1. Hahah! Oh my, I think I know what you mean about Mannequin! I think I could pull it off? I've worn a few nudes that just made me look living dead and I know what you mean. I love how the other two look on you. Rose matter is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sharlynn, have you tried any of Jeffree Star products?


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