Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows 2

This was one palette I did not intend to purchase. I was at Sephora hunting for the Urban Decay shadows when I saw this. Looking at the bright colours probably short circuited my brain and instead of going to the safe but definitely usable Shadows 1 palette, I said what the heck, let's play with colours!

The Artist Shadows palette comes in a heavy duty paper packaging. It feels sturdy.

Left to right: I 872 Pearly Pink, ME 910 Electric Magenta and S 924 Purple

Left to right: D552 Crystalline Gray Beige and ME 302 Peacock and ME 232 Turquoise Blue
These colours prove to be quite a challenge for me to use even though I was first attracted turquoise and duochrome dark brown to the . The first try ended with very tired looking eyes. ME 302 strangely named Peacock fails to show its lovely duochromeness on my lids! On me, it is dark sooty grey.

ME 302 Peacock 
ME 232 Turquoise Blue over Peacock
D552 Crystalline Gray Beige lightly highlighting my brow bones. Urban Decay eye liner Electric and ME302 Peacock over it. 

I am much happier with this version.

Left to right: ME 512 Golden Beige, ME 700 Amber and ME 930 Black Purple
ME 930 Black Purple close to lash line and blend

ME Amber over ME 930 and blend some more. ME 512 Golden Beige on brow bones for highlight

SGD $69

At SGD $69 you get 9 shadows which I feel is a great deal. My experiences with Make Up For Ever eye shadows have been really good but I am a tad disappointed with Electric Magenta and Purple which did not live up to expectations.


  1. This palette is such a killer! I love the shimmery finishes and the teal and duochrome blue green is soooo stunning! I do agree the purple and magenta are not as striking as they could be though!

    1. To be honest, I have used this palette much, in the end I like my neutrals more than colourful palettes.


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