Friday, September 2, 2016

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate 44 Golden Medium and The Face III Foundation Brush

I present to you my newest HG foundation, the Marc Jacobs (Remarc)able Full Coverage Foundation Concentrate. I have been using this since I bought it and I'm so pleased with the results. Flawless looking face (as best as my acne scarred, sun spotted face) can ever be.

Heavy glass bottle. Not good for travel.

I don't really like the stopper applicator. Just seems unhygienic to me that I have to use this to apply dots on my face and put it back into the container. The foundation also ends up around the rim and I have to clean it with a wet wipe once in awhile.

I do not usually go for full coverage foundations. I like my skin to look like skin instead of masking everything, so I was worried that this would appear mask-like on me. I do like a flawless looking face but I do not want to look plastic. I was convinced to try it by a fellow makeup enabler after she took a picture of herself after a whole day of work, her foundation still looked great on her. I was sold!

I spent an agonizing amount of time deciding which shade to purchase. It was between 36 Beige Golden and 44 Golden Medium. I did not want to rely on any of the SAs at Sephora because I notice that most SAs and MAs like to match me with something lighter. Looking at the swatches of 44 Golden Medium I was quite worried that it would appear too warm and dark so I was crossing my fingers and hoping that this would match.

Look! It does match. I really need very little for awesome coverage. Just three tiny dots using the dot applicator on my cheeks and forehead. I have read reviews which mentioned that this foundation was finicky to apply and that you had to get the hang of it. I decided not to take any chances and buy The Face III Foundation Brush as well to ensure that I get the best application. I apologise for the dirty brush.

Okay back to the foundation first before I gush about the brush. After applying three dots I start buffing the foundation into my skin in circular movements. Because of the soft and big head of the brush, it took very little time to get a smooth and flawless finish. If I wanted fuller coverage, I add another two tiniest dots on my cheeks which has plenty of acne scars and buff it in again. The above picture used that method, my acne scars are not so visible anymore. Do remember to apply only a little at first and slowly increase the coverage if you need to. Applying too much foundation makes it thick and cakey.

I resisted temptation to buy the MJ Under(cover) primer and tried out the existing ones I had. The Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer, Burberry Fresh Glow and Kiss Mat Chiffon UV Base worked well with it.I also realise that I require very little powder on top. Too much made my face look cakey.

This foundation last the entire day without me having to touch it up. It survived my Saturday of pole and dance classes with minimal touch up at the end of the day. My face was not shiny at all, I did not have to touch up. Amazing!

I am not saying that you have to buy this brush to use this foundation. I have not used any of my other foundation brushes with this foundation because I like the finish this brush gives too much to mess with it. I enjoy the dense and soft synthetic head which helps to ensure an even yet lightweight cover. Because of the big head, application was fast. 

If you have normal, combination or oily skin, you might want to give this foundation to try, if you are able to get a good match to your skin tone. There are a total of 22 shades available, hopefully it will make matching easier for you. It is an expensive foundation but you only need very little for good coverage. It is lightweight and lasts very well throughout the day.

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate GD $85
The Face III Buffing Foundation Brush SGD $85

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