Monday, August 29, 2016

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop

I have been wanting to own a Becca highlighter for the longest time. I have the Becca Afterglow palette that already has two highlighters Moonstone and Rose Gold but to be honest I was not very wowed by them. However swatching the regular Shimmering Skin Perfectors I realise that there is a vast difference between the ones in the palette and the ones sold individually.

Champagne Pop is very pigmented and smooth. I really need the lightest hand to apply it and it gives me the prettiest and obvious glow.

Champagne Pop on my cheek bones
SGD $58

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint Twerk, So Fetch and Tbt and Tarteist Lip Crayon Turnt Up, Amaze and Latergram

Notice how my recent posts are filled with matte liquid lipsticks? Yup I'm highly obsessed with them at the moment and cannot help trying different brands to see which are the best. Hence my foray into Tarte. As you can see I got matching lip liners to go with the lip paints.

These Lip Paints have a different formula to the NYX, Jeffree Star, Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. They are more mousse than liquid. I don't really like it, I prefer the traditional liquid lipstick formula. They feel thick when swatched on my arms but doesn't feel so when its on my lips. One swipe gives full coverage although the doe foot applicator makes it really hard to get a good precise line. It takes a little more time to dry down and they are not transfer proof. I find reapplication easy, the formula does not clump up and look horrible (some liquid lipsticks are one time applications only, if you get what I mean) and they don't dry out my lips.

I do love how creamy the Lip Crayons are. They glide onto my lips and you can actually use these as lip colours if you want and skip the lip paints. They twist up which means no sharpening. What I don't love is that they have twice broken on me. I made sure I only twisted up a little to use but unfortunately I broke the tip of my Latergram and Amaze. So please be extra careful and not twist up too much and apply gently and not use too much force, they break. 

Left to right:
TBT, Latergram, So Fetch, Amaze, Twerk and Turnt Up
Latergram lip liner and TBT

Turnt Up lip liner and Twerk

Amaze lip liner and So Fetch

These two colours Amaze and So Fetch are my regret buys, what was I thinking? It looks way more neon in real life and makes my lips stand out, in a not too flattering way.

These Lip Paints are full coverage and light weight. However I am not in love the mousse formula because it does not dry down quickly. They have a peppermint scent. They do transfer and with the brighter and darker shades they are not very flattering after meals. The saving point is that they can be reapplied to look like it is freshly applied. The darker and brighter shades also stain the lips a little so you need a good makeup remover to remove all traces of colour.

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint SGD $30
Tarteist Lip Crayon SGD $28

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipstick Lolita, Lolita II, Double Dare, Mother, Berlin and Nosferatu

Since Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are not readily available to me, the next best thing is the new Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks that recently launched in Sephora Singapore. My collection started with just 3 shades, Lolita, Lolita II and Nosferatu. Mother and Berlin joined in and finally Double Dare.

Left to right;
Lolita, Lolita II, Double Dare, Mother, Berlin and Nosferatu
Between Jeffree Star and Kat Von D, I still prefer the Jeffree Star formula. These take a few more seconds to dry down. They transfer minimally but don't last as well after food. Especially the stronger shades like Nosferatu, it appeared patchy after food and was quite unsightly.

I think Lolita (chestnut rose) is my least favourite shade, it is just too dark for me. I don't see any rose in it.

Lolita II

Double Dare (cocoa blush) looks natural on me, as you can see it pulls more rosy pink on me. I was almost not going to get it because the description cocoa blush makes me think it is going to be brown.

Mother (Dusty mauve pink)

Berlin (Warm Rose)
I seriously wonder about the shade descriptions, I don't feel the warm or the rose in Berlin. It's more a coral shade to me. 

Forgive the unsightly lip swatch. I had such a hard time applying Nosferatu properly. It is darn hard to apply this unforgiving shade with just the doe foot applicator. I even used a lip liner beforehand. It is a stunning colour but it is a fussy shade to apply. As I said, it disappeared in patches after food which looked quite terrible. I was horrified that I walked around with patchy lipstick for a good while before knowing.

Of all the shades, my picks are Double Dare and Mother. The bright and deep shades are gorgeous but you need a steady hand and patience to apply it just right. But if you do get it right, they are stunning. Thankfully these allow you to reapply. 

They do feel a little drying after a whole day of wear so do apply plenty of balm after removing them. They are also very unforgiving on cracked and peeling lips so exfoliate and give plenty of TLC to your lips before applying.

SGD $31

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Prom Night

I totally blame a certain person for my exploding liquid lipstick collection and it all started with the frustration of not being able to get my hands on Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade I want most, Rose Matter. His products sell out so quickly. 

Prom Night was the only colour I liked which was available so I bought it off the website. I don't even want to think about the shipping I had to pay for this, needless to say it made this very expensive.

I have a thing for pink, so this packaging is insanely cute to me. The doe foot applicator is easy to use but somehow I have yet to master applying liquid lipstick precisely by just using the applicator. I still need my trusty brush.

Check out that pink, it is loud and in your face and oh so fantastic.

It stills transfers on me though minimally but it stays put throughout the day with light meals and drinks. Reapplication was a breeze, it looked as good as new and it did not dry out my lips badly. With liquid lipsticks, I must always make sure I exfoliate and prep my lips well before application. I also try not to wear liquid lipsticks too many days in a row.

I love this formula a lot and hope to get my hands on more of the in the future.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Seoul, South Korea 2016: Shopping, Sights and food!

You know what, Seoul has not been in my line of sight as a travel destination before. I don't understand the obsession with Korean skincare or makeup and I am not truly a big fan of some Korean food. Well, an opportunity arose for me to combine work with leisure and since I was going to travel with a long time buddy and colleague, of course I said why the hell not. What an awesome trip it was!


I got caught up in the shopping. Everything was relatively more affordable here than in Singapore. Now I understand why ladies bring back so many skincare products from Korea, I became one of them.

The skincare prices here are definitely cheaper than in Singapore so it makes sense to stock up in Korea.


It is a crazy place. Please park all husbands and sons somewhere before venturing forth. It is a paradise for women. So many things to see and buy. From apparel, accessories to beauty products. You can find almost all known brands of Korean skincare and cosmetics at every corner. So if you missed one, no worries there is bound to be another around the corner. The SAs here are very keen to make sales and they can be quite pushy. But if you are nice to them and speak a little Korean and they throw in a lot of samples for you. So smile and say Anyoung Haseyo! Many stores also give you a tax refund there and then if you happen to spend more than a certain amount.

The triumphant hunter showing off her spoils of the day.

Crazy crowded Myeongdong
Combined haul
Lotte DFS

We ventured inside Lotte DFS to buy the more prestigious brands like Sulawasoo. I did not enjoy the experience at all. It is so crowded with people and they are noisy and very pushy. The SAs there were so harassed they were not smiling at all. I did manage to get what I want but I would rather venture to a departmental store get what I want from an attentive SA, queue up in peace and deal with the hassle of claiming tax refund. Not going to another DFS store ever again.

After doing some research, I finally cave it and bought some cushion packs to try out.

Ehwa Womans University

You can't go into the university but you are allowed to walk around the outside area. The streets surrounding Ehwa Womans University have plenty of shops selling women's accessories and clothing. You can get great buys but I didn't enjoy myself, namely because of the heat, I don't really enjoy Korean fashion (everything was in free size aka for tiny tiny girls) and after 10 stalls everything looks the same. But they are really cheap so if you like hunting for good bargains you should visit.


This is where you go if you like Platinum Mall in Bangkok. You can get really good bargains but again you can't try the clothes and the sizes are really small. There are also a few malls that sells upmarket stuff. This isn't a place I would visit again.


I think it is best if you visit during the day, more things to see. It is something like Gwangjang market. We visited in the evening so many stalls were closed for the day. You can get cheap souvenirs here. I do have to add that we did price comparisons of certain souvenirs at different places and they are all the same. Bargain at your own risk, there are some really grumpy vendors.



Isnadong is a quaint little shopping area where you can get souvenirs. The little alleys have that traditional feel and is good for taking pictures. You don't really need  lot of time there. One thing I have to say though, travelling in June is torturous. It is very hot and humid. 31-32 degrees celsius. It saps the energy out of you and make exploring really tough.

There is a really cool little mall that sell many handmade crafts if you are into that sort of thing.

Need to take a break and enjoy some cold bingsu
Crazy cat lady simply cannot resist cat knick knacks
Changdeokung Palace

There are so many palaces, I decided to visit the one which is a UNESCO Heritage site. After the trip though, my pal says that Geongbokung Palace was more interesting and grannd. You decide. You need to pay for the Secret Garden tour because if you don't you can't get to go further in other that the few main buildings at the entrance. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and requires you to walk up and down slopes so it is not for the elderly or for little kids. 

Very nice tour guide telling us about the Secret Gardens


I notice that traditional Korean food is actually much cheaper than food you buy at cafes or fast food restaurants. I ate kimchi everyday in the hopes that I would eventually develop a taste for it, unfortunately it did not happen. But I discovered quite a few favourites.

Naengmyeon- Korean cold noodles in chilled broth
Mandu - vegetable dumplings
Fried chicken!

Korean BBQ
Many variations of the bingsu
Two places you have to go if you enjoy street food.


The food vendors start setting up their stores from 5 to 6 pm onwards, I'm not sure what time they stop selling though. They don't sell traditional food per se, it is a mish mash of the greatest kind. All things fried and unhealthy! Somehow you can't go wrong with the many kinds of desserts they sell.

Waffle with vanilla ice cream and honeycomb on top, it was so good I came back for seconds.

Osulloc for the best green tea desserts
Gwangjang Market

If you like visiting traditional markets, you will enjoy Gwangjang market. We went on a Sunday morning so it wasn't as busy as it was supposed to be. There is lots of stalls selling traditional Korean food that is cheap. The stalls in the middle seem to be most visited. Just look for a stall with many people and squeeze in.

If you want to take pictures with the octopus, you need to pay for it and eat it. We didn't dare.

We chose the safest bet of vegetable and meat dumplings.

Mung bean cake
Here are additional pictures taken at Goyang where I spent some days for work purposes.

I thoroughly enjoyed my maiden trip to Korea and I'm planning to bring my mom for a visit next year in June. Hopefully the weather will be cooler. It was very easy to get around Seoul, the subway was not as complicated as in Japan and many attractions are quite near each other. I understand why ladies go crazy over beauty items now, it is so much cheaper.

Have you been to Korea? What are some of the places I missed and need to bring my mom?