Sunday, July 24, 2016

Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette 02 Minx

I have to say that I am highly influenced by beauty bloggers. I see swatches and read raves and sometimes I get this "I have to have it too" feeling. This is exactly why I bought my first Viseart palette. I read how good it was and saw the swatches and had to have it. I wasn't interested in the 12 pan palettes but the Theory palettes got my attention. I was torn between Cashmere 01 and Minx 02. I was thinking that maybe Cashmere might be a little cool toned for me so I picked up Minx instead.

There are 3 Viseart 6-pan palettes. 01 Cashmere, 02 Minx and 03 Chroma.

Pull out from the cardboard case

Flip it open

The packaging is a little of a disappointment. For USD $45 I was hoping for a little more thought put  into the design of the packaging. It is made of sturdy cardboard but I don't like the plastic cover that protects the pans, I feel like my pans will get nicked one of these days if I am not very careful when I open my palette up. I will admit that it is a very handy and portable size. Very easy to slip into any makeup pouch without taking up too much space.

Check out the gorgeous shades! The matte shades are ok but I have my Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage to compare with, the formula isn't as buttery as the Tom Ford. The shimmer shades are by far the best, love them. They are shiny and best of all, no fall out.

Using the lightest shade as an all over colour, champagne shade on the inner corner, matte brown shade on the lids and dark matte brown shade on the outer corner of the lids

USD $45 is quite a sum to pay for an eye shadow palette so I was expecting all the shades to have a phenomenal formula and texture. The shimmer shades are out of this world but the matte shades are just ok. They blend well and are finely milled but if you have ever experienced Tom Ford's Cocoa Mirage, it falls short. So I am on the fence about this. I still love the colours and use this quite frequently (I love bringing this along for my travels) but I am not sure I will pick up another Viseart palette.

Have you tried this? What are you thoughts? 

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