Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tom Ford 03 Cocoa Mirage

I never thought I would ever fall head over heels over a matte eye shadow palette. I have always been about the bling. I like my eye shadows to shimmer and sparkle. 

For me, Cocoa Mirage lives up to all the good things I have read from all the beauty bloggers. It is that one neutral matte palette to have if you love your neutrals.

Cocoa Mirage features three matte shades and one with shimmer. They feel so buttery and they blend like a dream come true. So easy to work with and they last the entire day. Why haven't I gotten you any sooner?

Lightest shade on my brow bones, second shade on my entire lids.

Shimmer shade on the outer eyelids blending inwards

Darkest shade to line my lash line

To me, it is one of the nicest luxe matte eye shadow palette I have come across, worth getting your hands on.

SGD 112


  1. Those colors are very pretty & subtle on you... I can see that palette becoming a summer fav!

    1. Thank you Lily. These feel like butter, so easy to apply and blend :)

  2. Oh my! I so love it. Lovely shades that are really worth trying out.

    1. Yes they are Jesdica, I have no regrets shelling money for this.


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