Friday, March 11, 2016

Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection: Cream Color for Eyes Midnight Violet and Burnished Copper

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes are one of the best cream eye shadows around. My eyes always perk up when I hear of more colours being released.

There are a total of 8 shades available. 3 are repromotes. Platinum (the best taupe shade ever! ust buy!), Spice and Caviar, The rest are new. They are Opale, Sphinx, Siren Blue, Midnight Violet and Burnished Copper.

I bought the ones which I knew I was going to use more often. I really wanted Sphinx but it was out of stock. 

Burnished Copper

Midnight Violet

These apply sheer but can be packed on for intensity. They do however seem sheerer when compared to Platinum and Spice which I own. These are creamy and blend well. They stay put until I take them off. They play well with all other eye shadows, powdered or cream in my collection. And check out the fine sparkles on my arm swatches.

SGD $68 (The price has gone up and they are much less than the original, so not cool. Unfortunately I am a big sucker for these and it was hard to say no. Yup, I'm weak!)


  1. I just purchased them both plus sphinx which is also pretty. My favorite is the Midnight Violet. The only thing I don't like is the size got smaller from last years cream shadows but the price is higher. They look very pretty on you.

    1. You got Sphinx! Yay! Thanks, I wish Midnight Violet was more pigmented when applied though. It's terrible that they made it smaller but still increased the price.


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