Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nudestix Holiday Lip Kit Mystic, Whisper and Satan

These are sticks can be used for both lips and cheeks. As blush, they are easy to blend and stays put. I don't really like Mystic as a lip color because it is too light and nude for me, washes me out. But love it as a cheek colour. Satan on the other hand is too red to be a cheek color for me so I use it as a lipstick.

To my eyes, Whisper and Mystic have a satiny texture and have a sheen to it, whereas Satan wears like a matte on my lips.

Wearing Whisper on my cheeks
Wearing Mystic on my lips
Mystic on my cheeks
Mystic on lips and on cheeks
Satan on my lips

This set is a great introduction to Nudestix, however I wished that instead of Whisper they would have another colour that was rosier. Whisper and Mystic are quite close in colour. 

SGD $49


  1. Jacqueline, I love all three. I like Whisper & Mystic on the cheeks a lot. I love Satan on the lips. They look really blendable. Thanks for all your reviews.

    1. You are welcome M, I hope the swatches are useful to you.

  2. Oh the nudes are PERFECT nudes for the lips on our asian complexions! I would just love to own one of those!

    1. Sharlynn with your skin tone I think the nudes Whisper and Mystic would be a perfect match. They are so handy to use.


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