Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad 03 Nude Dip

I have been lusting after this beauty since it came out. It was sold out so quickly. Well, I am glad patience won out. I just happened to ask the SA at the Tom Ford counter out of a whim so imagine my surprise when she said yes they do indeed have Nude Dip.

The formula and texture is everything I have been hearing about. Just gorgeous. There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about it except maybe the hefty price tag. 

Lightest shade on mybrow bone and second lightest all over my lid

Third shade on my lids past my crease
Darkest shade on the outer corner of my lids

It is a very easy to use neutral palette. The formula and texture are divine. Finely milled, blends well together and stays put the whole day with a gorgeous sheen to boot.

SGD 112

Friday, March 18, 2016

Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection: Patent Finish Lip Color Orchid Fatale

Here is my final installment of the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color in Orchid Fatale. Don't be too worried that it looks dark. It is very wearable. On me it is a plum shade that becomes darker when I apply more. If you are worried that it is too dark, apply it as a stain instead. Myself, I love the glorious rich full on colour.

I highly recommend these if you love full and rich jewel toned lip colours. They don't dry my lips out instead the feel luxurious. Reapplying these is a breeze.

SGD $72

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nudestix Holiday Lip Kit Mystic, Whisper and Satan

These are sticks can be used for both lips and cheeks. As blush, they are easy to blend and stays put. I don't really like Mystic as a lip color because it is too light and nude for me, washes me out. But love it as a cheek colour. Satan on the other hand is too red to be a cheek color for me so I use it as a lipstick.

To my eyes, Whisper and Mystic have a satiny texture and have a sheen to it, whereas Satan wears like a matte on my lips.

Wearing Whisper on my cheeks
Wearing Mystic on my lips
Mystic on my cheeks
Mystic on lips and on cheeks
Satan on my lips

This set is a great introduction to Nudestix, however I wished that instead of Whisper they would have another colour that was rosier. Whisper and Mystic are quite close in colour. 

SGD $49

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection: Cream Color for Eyes Midnight Violet and Burnished Copper

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes are one of the best cream eye shadows around. My eyes always perk up when I hear of more colours being released.

There are a total of 8 shades available. 3 are repromotes. Platinum (the best taupe shade ever! ust buy!), Spice and Caviar, The rest are new. They are Opale, Sphinx, Siren Blue, Midnight Violet and Burnished Copper.

I bought the ones which I knew I was going to use more often. I really wanted Sphinx but it was out of stock. 

Burnished Copper

Midnight Violet

These apply sheer but can be packed on for intensity. They do however seem sheerer when compared to Platinum and Spice which I own. These are creamy and blend well. They stay put until I take them off. They play well with all other eye shadows, powdered or cream in my collection. And check out the fine sparkles on my arm swatches.

SGD $68 (The price has gone up and they are much less than the original, so not cool. Unfortunately I am a big sucker for these and it was hard to say no. Yup, I'm weak!)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection: Patent Finish Lip Color Infamy

Left to right: Red Corset, Infamy and Orchid Fatale
There are two shades in the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour that are quite similar to each other. Infamy and Erotic. That was why I hard such a hard time choosing it. Infamy is the slightly darker one of the two.

Here, I have worn it lightly so you can see that it is slightly sheerer. When I appy more, the colour becomes deeper and brighter.

This is another great colour to own in the collection. It is comfortable to wear and lasts well even after food. Reapplication is a breeze, it looks just as good as the first time I applied.

If you want to spoil yourself and you love bright or deep colours, this is about the best pampering you can get for your lips.

SGD $72

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tom Ford Spring 2016 Runway Color Collection: Patent Finish Lip Color Red Corset

I haven't been truly excited for any makeup collection is quite a while. Something about the Tom Ford's Spring collection captures my attention and I just went absolutely wild. This is what happens when I have not physically gone shopping in ages. I finally found some time and made a mad dash to the Tom Ford counter at Tangs, crossing my fingers and hoping there were some stuff left for me.

Fortunately for my wallet but unfortunately for me the new eyeshadow quads were oos or else I would probably have done a greater damage to my wallet. The first things on my list were the Patent Finish Lip Colors which I am featuring in this post. I poured over the swatches online and already made my selections. Swatching them at the counter confirmed what I wanted. With the exception of Infamy which I could not decide whether to get that or Erotic. They are quite close.

These come in a nicely weighted clicky pen. I needed to click it quite a few times before product came out from the flocked applicator. Take it easy with the clicking. Although there might be some point you are wondering to yourself if you bought a dud, don't click it too quickly or too many times in case a lot of product oozes out.

Left to right: Red Corset, Infamy and Orchid Fatale
Red Corset

Red Corset is a gorgeous colour! Red Corset is a very wearable red. It is a deep red on me. It is very pigmented. It comes off as a stain at first if you apply only a little but the more you apply, the more opaque it becomes.The flocked applicator can't give a precise application so I use a lip pencil and then a lip brush to get the shape I want.

I must say I really love the formula. It is comfortable to wear and does not dry my lips out. It lasts very well and reapplies beautifully. 

SGD $72 (With Tom Ford, I think it is never about whether it is ever worth the price you pay, no matter how good it is it is neer worth the hefty price tag, I just close my eyes and say take my money! :)