Saturday, February 6, 2016

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Chihuahua and Melted Berry

Comes in a squeeze tube with a flocked applicator. Just squeeze and product comes out, it is very easy to use.

Left to right: Chihuahua and Melted Berry

I am not in love with Chihuahua. It looks flat and literally draws all colour from my face. I look washed out.

Melted Berry on the other hand was vavavoom. I really like it. Although arm swatches of these looked glossy, when applied on lips they were more matte. As such I would rather pick the brighter shades.

They felt a little drying on me so I wouldn't want to wear this the entire day. Melted Berry left a stain after I tried removing it.

SGD $30. I am n the fence with this particular product. I love how impactful the bright colours are but they don't feel very comfy on my lips. My Princess Precious seems to like them though.


  1. They are bright beautiful colors for sure. I own a couple of these and they are super intense. I never know what to wear it to!!! I'm surprised the first ingredient is mica though!

    1. Go bold Jen! I bet you look fabulous in bright colours. Do you think mica could be the cause of it being drying on me?


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