Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hakuhodo brushes B512, BJ116 and B533

I was in Japan and the few stores I made a beeline for was Hakuhodo which I found in Tokyu Department Store in Sapporo. It was a small counter. I was a little disappointed, I was hoping to see a store full of brushes.

I wanted to get a blush brush, a contour brush and another eye shadow brush. Mid range Hakuhodo brushes are good enough for me. These are what I picked up.

Check out the pretty champagne gold handles.

B512 BkSL Highlight Brush Blue Squirrel and Goat Hair 5400 Yen
Actually this is a highlighting brush but I don't care I will use it however I wish.

J110 BkSL Blush Brush Round Flat Goat Hair 4644 Yen
I realise I have the same brush in my arsenal. Sigh.

B553 BkSL Eye Shadow Brush Pointed Horsehair 1620 Yen
All in all, I am happy with my buys. I love Hakuhodo brushes.


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