Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Addiction Eyeshadow Brown Beach 56, Cry Baby 80, Taxi Driver 82, Colour Purple 95

Addiction did a rehaul of their eye shadows this year. They all come in a clear plastic casing instead of the usual black casing and some eyeshadow shades have been removed. Bu there are a total of 99 shades available. It makes choosing just a few shades really difficult. Addiction by the way makes excellent neutrals.

Top to bottom: Colour Purple (metallic), Cry Baby (pearl), Taxi Driver (pearl) and Brown Beach (matte)
Taxi Driver on my lids and Brown Beach on the outer corner
Colour Purple
Colour Purple with Cry Baby
Colour Purple is a very sexy dark purple. I love my buys. I would recommend you trying Addiction if you are able to get access to them. Great price, excellent products.

2160 yen

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