Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Japan Adventures Part 4: Around Tokyo Imperial Palace East Garden and Asakusa

By the time my family reached Tokyo we were kinda pooped out by all the travelling and moving around. So we decided to take it easy. For us, holidays are more about relaxing and taking our own time not about seeing as many things as possible.

Arriving into Tokyo and using public station can be quite confusing. Trick is to keep a clear head and watch out for the signs. Be prepared to lug your luggage around staircases. Tokyo Station is relatively easy to get to from Haneda airport. Once you are at Tokyo station though, that is another problem. It is mind boggling. We spent quite a bit of time feeling lost and confused trying to get out of the station.

Anyway on the next day we decided to take it easy and explore the surrounds. The Imperial Palace East Garden was about a 10 minute walk away so we decided to go there.

On route, the Railway Station.

We enjoyed ourselves. It was very different from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. The garden was serene and for a Singaporean, it was the first time I am seeing leaves with autumnal colours. So pretty and exotic.

I missed out on Asakusa the last time round so this time I insisted we had to visit. It was really crowded but not uncomfortably so. 

The street heading towards the shrine was full of shops selling things to eat and souvenirs. What a feast for the eyes.

Got my fortune

Here are views from our room. Japan, we will be back!


  1. Oh the shots are gorgeous! I haven't been to Japan since I was a child with my family! I love their trees and how everything looks modern, yet traditional and I do remember getting lost with my family! Even though we had a map, as most people on the streets I remembered didn't speak much english so we spent some time wandering around finding our way. I love the shop with all those cat figurines! So adorable!

    1. We had such fun family times exploring Japan Sharlynn I'm sure you will make your way there soon ;) how has your year been so far?


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