Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Japan Adventures Part 3: Sapporo and Nijo Market

Before heading back to Tokyo, we stopped over at Sapporo for two nights. I like Sapporo, it satisfied my shopping urges. Kekeke. Here is my little vanity corner in Sapporo Grand hotel.

I picked easy to use and portable items to bring along with me. The Nudestixs and Becca Afterglow palette were well used and appreciated by me.

When hubs and son wanted a break, I dumped them to do some retail therapy. I managed to score some Hakuhodo brushes at Tokyu and Suqqu at Daimaru.

The one thing I missed out on and kicked myself for on the 2014 trip to Sapporo was eating the fresh seafood. This time around I researched and insisted that we visit Nijo Market which was a easy ten minute walk away from our hotel.

Hello Nijo Market!
I was so excited to see all the seafood. The stores usually tie in with restaurants nearby so you can pick the crab or seafood you want buy it and have it cooked immediately for consumption. Food to eat on my agenda was crab and scallops.

Store owners are very friendly and they do offer samples without expecting you to buy.

$3 oysters. They were huge. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of them but they went into hub's tummy in no time at all. He was very satisfied.

Nijo Market is not very big. An hour in enough time to wander around the different stores. 

Being a kitty lover, I could not help taking pictures of these two cuties we spotted.Even Japanese cats are cuter than normal, how is it possible?

Next to Nijo Market there is a really long stretch of shops with even more food and interesting sights.

In the night we visited the Winter Illumination at Odori Park. It was crowded. There were lots of handicrafts to be bought and junk food to be eaten.

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