Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Japan Adventures Part 2: Asahikawa

Next stop on our journey was to Asahikawa to visit Asahiyama Zoo. Asahikawa was about an hour and a half from Furano by JR train. By the time we reached Asahikawa, the snow had abated and it was kind of sad for us. We left our snowy wonderland in Furano.

The lobby of Asahikawa Grand hotel, very old school

It was raining on the day of our zoo trip.

We have never come up close to penguins before. Most of the time in Singapore, they are enclosed. Asahiyama Zoo is famous for their penguin parade which happens in late December onwards during the winter season. (Yup we missed seeing it.)

On to the food!

When in Japan, one must not miss the takoyaki balls

Asahikawa station has a massive food court that serves inexpensive yet variety of yummy food. 

We also found an awesome place that serves delicious yakitori sticks.

My first grilled rice on a stick
Below are some pictures of took of the surrounds at Asahikawa JR Station before taking the train to Sapporo.

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