Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Japan Adventures Part 1: Furano, Hokkaido

There are so many things to show you so I decided to break up this travel post into the different areas we visited.

In order to get to Hokkaido from Singapore, the general route is to transit at Tokyo. I was unfortunately not able to get seats from Tokyo to Sapporo, Hokkaido so in the end we stopped over at Haneda airport in Tokyo and rested for a night at the airport hotel there before setting off again the next morning. I think my family appreciated the break as we aren't the kind who like long travelling times. Advice for those wanting to go to Hokkaido from Singapore, book really early. There is a Singapore to Sapporo direct fight on Singapore Airlines but for the life of me I couldn't seem to book in through the online site.

Pretty lights at Haneda airport

Reaching Haneda in the evening, we dropped off our luggage at Royal Park Hotel The Haneda which was right in the airport itself. How convenient! We immediately went hunting for food.

My yummy dinner. Hubs and son refused to allow me to take pictures of their food because they were in a hurry to consume them.
Pretty view of Mt Fuji from our airport hotel
We were up early the next morning for our flight to Sapporo Chitose airport where we took a bus to Furano, which was an hour and a half away. I am in love with Furano. It is quiet cosy town with plenty of snow. I found out that we came in too early in the season (6 December). The ski resorts were not entirely opened and English speaking ski instructors have not arrived. So next time, I have to remember to come a few weeks later in December. I am hoping next time we would be able to spend Christmas in Furano.

We loved our cosy apartment which was our home for 4 nights.

It was situated right at the end of town in a little corner. We had the whole expanse to run around and make a lot of noise. Dear son totally enjoyed it.

When the sun came out, we had to squint our eyes the entire time. It was so bright. We were hot and cold at the same time. Temperature then was about -8 degrees celsius. The family took individual t-shirt shots just for the fun of it.

I was wearing slippers
Cute snowman made by a local, so pro!
Our poor excuse of a snowman!

We also got to experience falling snow. Nothing beats the experience of snow falling on your cheeks and lashes. It was breathtaking.

Most of the time we cooked and ate in for breakfast and dinner. Dear hubs made us many yummy meals. Local produce was fresh and inexpensive.

We also went hunting for cheap food for lunch.

We went hunting for the number 1 eatery recommended by Tripadvisor for Furano. We found but it was only 5 minutes away from our apartment. We only went there on the last day of our trip. I could kick myself.

It was a dessert shop. The milk puddings and cheesecake were to die for.

 As I said tour shops were not quite ready yet for tourists. We were able to go snow rafting and snowmobiling unfortunately the snow wasn't enough to build slides so we were not able to go tubing.

I'll be back. And next time, hopefully when the winter season is in full swing, I will get to experience ice fishing and be able to participate in their Kan Kan Mura, a winter festival that only starts on the 23rd December onwards.


  1. Love your pictures! Makes me miss Hokkaido sooo much! It truly is a magical place :)

    1. Yes Luna! And you know me I'll visit the same place till I get sick of it.


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