Saturday, September 19, 2015

NARS Private Screening Fall 2015 Color Collection: Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Pasiphae

I have been wanting to try a dual-intensity eyeshadow for ages for haven't found any colours that I needed right this minute. Something about duo chrome browns get to me every time and Pasiphae looks like a colour I cannot pass up. 

Thankfully this NARS eyeshadow does not have the same rubbery casing like my old NARS duo. It is a matte black functional casing with a little mirror inside. Hopefully it will be able to stay clean and tack free.

You have to see Pasiphae in person to appreciate the pretty green flashes. My photos are not able to capture its beauty.

Top to bottom: Swatched wet and dry
On my arm swatch, you can see that Pasiphae is slightly more intense when used wet. I am in love with that gold green flash.

The SA at the NARS counter told me to use a tissue to wipe the surface of the eyeshadow before using it. If not, the colour would not swatch well. I am very pleased that the duo chrome is visible on my lids.

Pasiphae is not as refined as my powdered eye shadows. Is is not as finely milled but I guess in order for it to be suitable to be used wet, it has to be like that. There was slight fall out as I was using this damp on my lids close to my lash line. I applied a dry layer to soften the edges before applying my Addiction eyeshadow in Morning Moon. Pasiphae stayed put on my lids without creasing or fading throughout the day.

 SGD $44

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

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  1. I feel like the dual intensity eye shadows have been overhyped...that being said, pasiphae is a gorgeous shade! So unique!


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