Sunday, August 30, 2015

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Eyeshadows: Sideline and Lounge

I have not bought many items from Urban Decay for a long time but I have a thing with duo chrome eye shadows and these two, I just could not pass up. 

Sideline is a dirty gold and green duochrome and Lounge is a brown with green/blue duochrome.

Sideline all over my lids
Lounge on the outer corner of my lids blended inwards

Urban Decay makes great eye shadows. They are finely milled and with my NARS eye primer, they stay on the whole day. I remember my first upmarket eyeshadow I bought when I was in polytechnic was Urban Decay's Asphyxia a light lavender/purple shade with silver shimmer. I used that to death and when I wore it, I felt like the bad ass girl even when I was not. I love Urban Decay for their wild unconventional shades but you know as you grow older, work safe shades neutrals tend to rule your world. Sideline and Lounge fulfill my need for work safe colours with a dash of bad ass uniqueness.

Guerlain Rouge G Rouge Parade

What I used
SGD $30

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. They are very pretty, though I've not been pleased with UD shadows I've tried in the last few years, mind you thats the naked and basic palettes so maybe I should look at the singles. That lipstick is stunning on you btw

    1. Hey Clare, I only have the first Naked palette, didn't see the need to buy the rest. Thank you, I haven't used this lippie for ages, thought I would give it some love.


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