Monday, July 27, 2015

Chanel Summer Collection MÉDITERRANÉE 2015:Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick Blush N 21 and N 22

I apologise for going MIA lately. With the bout of sickness, work stress and my dance rehearsals, it is getting really hard to motivate myself to blog. I don't even have the energy to buy makeup! Anyway, I finally have a little free time to compose this and I thought I would share one of my latest buys which I really could not resist.

Out of the whole Chanel Mediterranee collection, I was only interested in the two blushes. I still read makeup blogs and the moment I saw the colours and swatches, I knew I had to get down to my local counters to check them out. On the rare occasion, I managed to drag myself out of my house, I swatched both of them,  I love both shades so I had to get both of them.

I love the packaging. They are housed in hefty metal tubes with beige interlocking Cs instead of the usual white. They click shut so no worries of the cap coming off and dirtying your makeup pouch.

Left to right: N 21 and N 22, one swipe swatch

Two swipe swatch
N21 is a lovely bright rosy pink shade and N22 is a coral orange shade perfect for summer. They are matte and blend very easily over and under powder. I usually apply to swipes on my cheek bones and use my fingers to blend. Perfect for those no fuss makeup days where you just want to swipe and go. They last about 4 to 5 hours on me before gently fading to just a hint of colour.

N21 on my cheeks
SGD $68.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Hope you feel better soon, its hard to get motivated when there is a lot going on and you don't feel your usual self.
    Both shades are great for you, I wonder if they will bring more out in the line up. I ended up going back and buying the lighter striped powder as well, its very pretty used all over though does make me look a bit too glowy.
    I'm quite looking forward to their Fall collection, though potentially might be a bit dupable.

    1. I would get more if they came out with more colours. The striped powders were pretty but I just didn't know if it would work on me besides I have way too many powders. :) The Fall collection is pretty but nothing calls out to me not even the Illusion d'ombres. I think I'm suffering from beauty fatigue lol.

  2. Lovely indeed. I prefer N 22 for I love coral shades. They match perfectly my skin tone. I guess I would go for N 22.

    1. Hey Julie I used to only go for coral shades too because they suit my warm skin tone but lately I've been on a pink kick.


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