Monday, June 1, 2015

Three Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil 06 Eye Kon 07 Eye Doll 08 Eye On

It has taken me a long time to write about these eye pencils because I have been fiddling with these for the longest time and found the best way to use them. I did not have much success the first time I used the Flash Performance Eyeliners. I bought 08 Eye On back in 2013, you can check out my initial review here. It still doesn't work as a eyeliner on me, Hello, oily lids here!

Left to right: 08, 07 and 06
06 Eye Con is a silver khaki shade. 07 is a golden brown shade. 08 is a multi shimmer black shade. These eye pencils have a soft nib and need to be sharpened all the time if you want a crisp sharp line. That being said, you can't exactly get a sharp line with this. But that not what this is good for. I use this as a base for my eye shadows. It was creamy and blended very well using the little blender that was attached on the opposite end of the pencil.

Here is how I use 08 Eye On with minimal smudging this time. After blending Eye On, I use a little of my Addiction eyeshadow in Crow over Eye On. To bulletproof it, I tightline with with Make up For Ever's Aqua Liner in black. My makeup stayed mostly intact with just slight at the end of my work day.

07 Eye Doll

Layered with Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill in No. 26 Carat Gold. I super love this combi!

06 Eye Kon

Layered with Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill in No.27 Oxidised Silver

Now that I know how to work these eye pencils, I am enjoying using these. I love the eye looks I have come up with. I find that for me they work best under eye shadow and my Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eyeshadow make a lovely combination with these eye pencils. I still get some smudging but I can abide by it.

3000 yen

Ratings 3+ lipsticks


  1. It's really time for me to give these babies some love! I haven't tried them since purchasing


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