Friday, June 19, 2015

Cle De Peau Beaute Extra Rich Lipstick 108

As you know, I'm slowing down on my makeup purchases, so other than buying staples at Changi DFS this was the only makeup item I bought. Since I was at Changi, I might as well indulge and see what the fuss CDP lipsticks was about.

I did some research online to check out the shades available. As much as I wanted an outstanding colour like a deep red or a bright plum, I decided to stick to a work safe colour which I would get more mileage. Hence 108.

108 belongs to the Satin range which has a satiny and "lustrous" texture.

There are three types to textures available, Satin which I presume is midway between sheer and opaque. Silk which is sheerer and Velvet which is opaque and rich in pigment.

First up, I was not very happy that I have to spring more money for the lipstick holder. Don't ask me why I couldn't just live with the lipstick without the casing, I just have to have the complete set. The holder costs SGD $26.70. The lipstick costs SGD $54.60. Yes it was easy to transfer the lipstick over to the holder but for the combined price of SGD $81.30 I would expect it to be more luxe, heavier in feel, very much like my beloved Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks which are a thing to behold. I feel quite meh about the casing.

Here is the reason why you ought to get the lipstick holder. The lipstick comes in this plastic tube. That plastic cover isn't the most secure and falls out quite easily. Imagine the damage that could happen in your makeup pouch. Your SGD $54.60 all smooshed up into an unrecognisable mess. I rather have the lipstick holder. I just can't imagine having to fork out $26 every time I want to get a CDP lipstick. Of course I could just have one and keep rotating my CDP lipsticks but the inconvenience of it all!

I have to admit though the lipstick itself is very pretty. It is made to look like a baguette cut diamond. The angular shape actually helps me to apply with precision, no need for a lip brush.

108 is a mid tone pink with slight blue undertones. But because of my original lip colour, it pulls slightly warm. My kind of everyday pink. It glides on my lips and feels hydrating and comfortable. It is just emollient enough to glide yet not slip and slide all over my lips. It lasts only about 4 to 5 hours without eating and leaves a pink tinge on my lips after it wears off. I have to admit the formula is really very nice.

Different lighting

As much as I like the formula, I'm just not happy having to fork out extra money on a lipstick holder that isn't all that fantastic. The lipstick itself costs more that $50, surely they could have put in a little more effort and make a case for it. At almost more that $80, this lipstick not only has to be the best formula, I feel more effort could be done for the casing. As much as I love what I bought, I don't think I'll be getting anymore.

Lipstick holder SGD $26.70
Extra Rich Lipstick SGD $54.60
(prices stated at Changi DFS prices, expect it to be more at local counters)

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks (not worth the price)

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