Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bali adventures: Travel Edition

This will be our third trip to Bali. If a short yet relaxing vacation with fun stuff to do is what we want, Bali always comes to mind. Instead of going to the same villa and visiting the same place again, this time I thought we would change it up and visit another area. This is how we ended up in Nusa Dua. I wanted somewhere close by the airport and Kuta since we were not planning to travel much. (Both DS and I have a touch of motion sickness and the long road trip through winding roads we experienced the first time round wasn't something we wanted to do again.

Nusa Dua was just about 15 to 20 minutes drive using the expressway. You need to pay a toll but no traffic jams whatsoever. Easy Peasy. Awarta Luxury Villas and Spa is located right in the heart of Nusa Dua. It honestly feels like a gated community. But ends of the area is guarded by police officers who check every vehicle before it enters the stretch. The whole area gives a sense of security but that being said, I do wonder how thorough these guys are at checking. They allow vacationers to pass by easily without checking.

Any Nusa Dua is a much quieter place unlike the bustling Kuta or even Seminyak. I think it is ideal for families with little children who are concerned about safety and want something more relaxed.

When in Bali, I always choose villas over resorts because it like it quiet and personal. Awarta was such a lovely place situated at a very convenient spot. I never had to worry about getting around because there is always a car available to get us to where we want at Nusa Dua. I am in love with our villa.

I had many soaking sessions in this tub with a coffee in hand. Relaxation to the max.

For DS, we of course had to visit Waterbom Park Bali. It is a water theme park with plenty of slides. We had so much fun the last time we came here. Anyway the upgraded quite a few slides with more on the way. They were thrilling, a little too thrilling for this scaredy cat. They took away the mellower slides and included more exciting ones. We went on a couple that didn't look as scary, I was literally screaming and swearing on the way down on each slide much to my DS's amusement. I had to lecture from him about minding my language.

Most of the time in Nusa Dua was spent at Bali Collection hunting for food and souvenirs. It is a huge place which is also gated with security guards and metal detectors at every entry point. It is a lovely area to wander around but souvenirs here are bound to me more expensive than if you went to markets and no haggling. 

Bali Collection is also linked to the amazing stretch of beach nearby.

The beaches here are much calmer and safer for swimming although I do not see any lifeguards around. The stretch of beach is lined with restaurants, Beach Clubs and resorts, we had a great time strolling and checking out all the major beach resorts. This is also the perfect area for running. By 5 p.m. the weather cools and gets very breezy, perfect for running.

On the day when hubs went diving, we occupied ourselves with going to Museum Pasifika which was about a 10 minute walk from our villa. We had the entire place to ourselves and DS got in free. We had a good discussion about colours and images we saw. This art museum focuses mainly on Balinese artwork.

We took conscious efforts to keep fit during this trip. Hubs had quite a health scare and now resolves to eat healthier and exercise. I have bee dabbling in yoga  once in a while and this time round I decided to get a yoga instructor to help me out, I wish I had pictures but didn't have anyone to help us take pictures. Theres something about practising yoga by a pool and looking up at the bright blue sky and listening to the birds tweeting away. Here were some moves I practiced. Nothing fancy and yup I still have a long way to go on the flexibility scale but I'm improving and that is what counts. This is also my excuse to show off my awesome Red Tiger leggings and destroyed top.

Bali is one of those places I will keep coming back to. What about you?

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