Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bali adventures: Makeup Edition

The one additional reason why I love to travel is the fact that I love wondering around the Changi DFS beauty aisle deciding what to buy. I had planned to get the Chanel foundation as mine was finishing. The CDP lipstick was something I told myself I would get and the rest were impulse buys.

I was surprised to see Burberry, NARS and Make Up For Ever available at Terminal 2. Unfortunately I didn't see anything I wanted then so my wallet escaped with relatively little damage.

Below are stuff I brought. After two trips to Bali I learnt not to bring so much makeup. The steaming humidity isn't forgiving to heavy makeup.

I chose items that would stay intact in the humidity. The perfume was not a good idea, I didn't use any at all. I didn't want to attract anymore mosquitoes that I had to.

The laid back feel of Bali just didn't make bright lips feel right so I chose muted natural colours instead. 

For my complexion, I used my trusty Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet over this sample bottle of Make Up For Ever Primer in #0 which I discovered was a great combination. There was no need for powder as I wanted as natural a base as I could. My Addiction Blush Stick in Rose Bar and Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Manet gave me a sheer flush that stayed put.

Eyes looks were kept simple. I love using cream shadows because they are easy to tote around and long lasting. Plus I didn't have to bring any eye shadow brushes, I used my fingers to blend. Eye brows and eyeliner are very important to give me a natural yet polished look.

What do you normally bring for beach vacations?


  1. I don't like the sound of mosquitoes, I'm not good with bugs of any kind :) Makeup in humidity is tricky, that's good that you didn't need any powder. I agree its best to go for more neutral and cream based products on vacation x

    1. We had competitions to see who could kill the most mosquitoes. It wasn't a pretty sight. I'm ok with most bugs but I freak out over cockroaches, thankfully my two cats a serial bug killers, I just need to sic them to the bugs.

  2. Love the lipsticks! Shiseido is one of my favourite brands. what are their shade names please? I usually will bring natural toned lipglosses on trips to humid tropical locations. My favourite are bobbi brown's glosses :)

    1. Hey Janice, I am so sorry I took so long to reply you. The colours I bought were Hibiscus and Vino. I find that they are natural looking shades on me. I have been using them frequently, I simply love the emollient formula.


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