Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bali adventures: Food Edition

Be prepared to drool. It was very difficult to stay on a strict diet when you are faced with so much good food. At Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villa and Spa, we always get a sumptuous breakfast before heading out to play. The daily pastry basket is always full of soft and fluffy pastry. I never got tired of the breakfast menu. There were so many choices and they always acceded to our request for extra bacon or sausages and what not.

Eggs benedict
Fluffy pancakes
Nasi Goreng with Udang (prawn)
Asian breakfast set
My daily dose of caffeine
The local dishes were delicious! Hubs had an obsession with Gado Gado which is an Asian salad with tofu and peanut sauce and Nasi Campur so he had to try them at every establishment he could find. Anyway how did we choose which restaurant to visit? Head for the ones where there are many patrons and cross our fingers. 

Gado Gado
Nasi Campur
Nasi Campur
Ayam soup (chicken soup)
More Gado Gado!

Rice with crispy duck
Rice with udang
Fried banana fritters with gula melaka
Seafood mixed grill
Being Singaporean, I think we know our seafood well, we were quite disappointed with some of the items from the seafood mixed grill. The crabs and prawns were powdery in texture which signifies that it isn't fresh. Might be better to head to Jimbaran for fresh seafood.

You know me, I head for desserts.

Most restaurants here do a fusion. You can find both western and Balinese food at every establishment. So when you get sick of Balinese food which you shouldn't there are always other cuisines available.

Bali is a food paradise people. Throw your plans of a diet out of the window when you are here. Enjoy first and worry about your waistline when you return. 


  1. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my food Goooood!!! As long as you feed me, I'd probably go ANYWHERE, let alone Bali! Was definitely eyeing your holiday pics on Instagram with a lot of envy :) Now more than ever!

    1. Can you believe that I'm feeling hungry now looking at the food pics. Lol. I think I miss my basket of pastries most.

  2. Food porn! Great shots, Jacq :) I love eating on a piece of banana leaf!

    1. Hey sweetie, who doesn't love food porn right? :) I love food served on a banana leaf too, somehow it just tastes better.


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