Thursday, June 4, 2015

Addiction Powder Blush 06 Revenge and 14 Rose Bar

Here are my latest Addiction blush acquisitions. I had them for a few months now but didn't quite manage to write a review about them.

I love Addiction blushes because of their fine texture, easy to use formula and pretty colours. These new blushes do not disappoint. I had my eye on Rose Bar for ages for didn't get a chance to buy it while I was in Japan. I thank my sweet fellow enabler for hunting it down for me. Thanks babe! I already own the cheek polish in Revenge, I just wanted to see how different the powder blush version is from the liquid blush version.

I love how affordable the compact cases are and how easy they are to depot. 

Rose Bar is a neutral warm rose that goes well with strong eye looks. It is not easy to over apply this blush. Revenge on the other hand needs a lighter hand. I choose to use my softest Hakuhodo blush brush to gently tap this on my cheeks.

Rose Bar on my cheeks

Revenge on my cheeks

Between the both Rose Bar gets a lot of use, I love how it goes with all my makeup. 

3024 yen

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Great choice of colors. I actually have both shades but from Shu Uemura. Rose Bar is definitely fit for everyday wear.

  2. Rose bar is such a beautiful wearable rose shade! Reminds me a bit of a shade from Lancome called rose subtil. I have the shade romantic from them and I love how there's gorgeous micro shimmer.

    1. Hey Sharylnn, I think I've seen that shade from Lancome before :) blush hoarders like us probably have every imaginable blush shade.


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