Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 28 Cooper

Here is my final review of the Tom Ford's Lips and Boys collection, Cooper.

Copper on the far left
Copper is a bright fuchsia pink shade. It can be amped up if you apply more. 
Single application

Double application

Here is a comparison with Francesco. Honestly you don't need both. To my eyes, Copper is slightly more toned down as compared to Francesco.

Left to right: Francesco and Copper
Here are all my Lips and Boys.

Left to right: Francesco, Copper, Cary, Didier, James, Michael and Alejandro
Ratings: 4+ lipsticks


  1. That's a nice bright colour. Are you eyeing up anything from the TF summer collection?

    1. Hey Clare, I did! The palette and 3 of the cream/powder shadows are coming my way. Unfortunately I only found out that two of them were colours I already own, Pink Haze and Spice. What did you order?

    2. Its not out here just yet, I'm thinking of getting all the lipsticks and the cream blush. It would have been nice if they had brought out all new shades of the cream shadows as I bet a lot of peope have ordered them not knowing they are shades they already have.


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