Friday, April 24, 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints 4 Emeraude and 7 Shadow

It was only time before I got my hands on these eye tints. I totally love cream eye products. It was very unusual for me, instead of getting neutrals I went for Emeraude and Shadow. In fact the online swatches are totally irresistible. 

Emeraude unblended
Emeraude blended
Completed eye look

These are very pigmented and come with a flocked applicator. I don't use the applicator because it gives way too much product. I use my eye shadow brush to pick up pigment and apply close to my lash line then blend upwards. They dry down very fast, so blend quickly. I have tried applying powdered eye shadow over these eye tints with great success. Emeraude gives my dark eye shadows an extra dimension. These are crease and smudge proof and they wear well on me the entire day.

Between Emeraude and Shadow I love Emeraude more. It is a complex blackened green, Shadow doesn't get much love from me because I was hoping for a taupey shade, instead it is a grey with lilac which doesn't sit so well with my skin tone.

I will be showing you the neutrals in the next post. Yup I went and ordered more the moment I tried these two. I can only say that the neutrals are so much easier to work with because they are lighter in shade.

In conclusion, the dark colours are gorgeous but may be little tricky to apply because they dry down really fast. I can't really blend it as much as I would like to unlike my Tom Ford cream shadows which are so easy to blend. That being said, they are totally smudge proof and crease proof which makes it a total yay for me.

USD $38

Ratings: Emeraude 4 lipsticks Shadow 3+ lipsticks


  1. These look lovely on you, I bought shadow as well but can't get it to apply smooth for the life of me, I wished it looked like how it applies on you but mine is patchy however I try to apply it. I think I am going to skip the YSL ones as they are meant to be similar.

  2. Oh dear, they are simply gorgeous! I totally prefer Emeraude too! I'm a lover of darkened, blackened type shades and how complex they are! I totally regret passing up buying their cream shadows the other day at duty free! But we were hungry and were looking for food and I really shouldn't be spending more than I already have on holiday in Bali!


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