Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kiss Mat Chiffon UV Base N 02

I got to share this piece of gem with you because I discovered it by luck. My dear friend KS asked me to buy this for her in Japan. I saw this at The Loft in Sapporo and didn't know which shade to get for her so I chose both shades in 01 (Natural Mat) and 02 (Mat Beige). KS didn't need to own two shades so she passed one back to me to try and I was so happy she did, it is a great drugstore primer.

You can read up on the limited information on the Kiss website here.

This comes in a plastic bottle that features a pump mechanism. I usually use about half a pump to cover my face.

It brightens up my face without making it white. It also mattifies my face, priming it for foundation. The one phrase I can use to describe this primer would be that "it plays well with others". It works well with all the foundations I own especially my Suqqu foundation which I initially had problems finding a primer for. Together with my Suqqu foundation, my base lasts the whole day with minimal touch ups. It does not have a silicone feel to it.

Kiss primer paired with Suqqu foundation
It retails for about 1600 yen as stated in the Kiss website but I can't be sure because I threw away my receipt. (So sorry) I don't remember spending a lot of money on this. For the price it is a great primer. I wish it had a higher SPF but beggars can't be choosers.

You can get this at Ichibankao but at a higher markup at 2550 yen.

I'll be getting my friends who are travelling to Japan to hunt for this for me. It is worth stocking up.

My dear Lunaface shares the same sentiments as me, you can read her review here. And guess what? KS initially found out about this primer through Lunaface's blog. What a small world. :)

Ratings: 5++ lipsticks


  1. hmmm....interesting! This is sure worth checking out. It seems like a great one. Love how it blends well on the skin.

    1. It does Julie, check it out if you have a chance.

  2. Small world indeed! *Waves to KS*
    This is really quite a workhorse and so affordable!


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