Monday, February 9, 2015

Addiction Blush African Sunset, Romantic and Amazing

I basically own every kind of Addiction blush formulation! I have the Cheek Sticks and Cheek Polishes and finally to top it off, the powdered blushes.

I had my heart set on getting Amazing because I think I lack a bright pop of pink blush in my collection. I was so disappointed when I discovered that Amazing was out of stock. So my first purchases were Romantic and African Sunset. But on my second trip there, I tried my luck by asking about Amazing, and they had it. I was thrilled.

Left to right: African Sunset, Romantic and Amazing
African Sunset and Romantic have a shimmery finish whereas Amazing is a matte shade. Let's talk about their pigmentation. I think these have the perfect pigmentation. Not too much, just enough to show up on your cheeks naturally. Any noob can wear these blushes. They are finely milled and blend well. They also stay put for about 4 to 5 hours. I haven't had the need to reapply these at all.

Amazing looks quite scary in the pan but isn't. It is a bright pop of cool pink. It has enough translucency to allow for your natural skintone to come through and yet show up on my cheeks. I wear my fotds out so I don't pile on my blushes. I hope you will be able to see the colour on my cheeks.

Amazing on my cheeks

Addiction shimmery blushes are one of the nicest! It imparts a lovely subtle glow without making you look like an oil slick. The shimmers are very fine. Romantic is a pretty baby pink shade that shows up on me. 

Romantic on my cheeks

And finally African Sunset on my cheeks. It gives me a nice healthy glow.

I am loving these blushes. Soft and finely milled, they are of medium pigmentation which makes them very easy to apply and use. They blend well and last fairly long.

Addiction blushes come in their own black plastic casing. They are very easy to depot. Everytime I buy their compacts, I have a tendency to want to fill them all up which is the case here. I bought Compact Case II which can fill up to three blushes. There are so many pretty colours that it isn't too difficult to choose. The problem is limiting yourself to three.

2800 yen.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Soooo freaking gorgeous!!! I own Romantic and I LOVE it. It's such a great shimmery light translucent pink and the super fine shimmer in these blushes are the most beautiful thing! I actually have a lip & cheek stick in amazing, it's the most amazing blue toned barbie pink! I thought it would be more yellow toned on the lips but it's seriously fantastic.

    1. How did you find using cheek sticks on your lips? Are they drying? I love these blushes! Two more coming my way.

  2. OOO my God I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! All three shades look amazing on you! I am actually glad to hear they aren't overly pigmented, as I don't like overly pigmented blushes that much (the whole having to use a light hand and fearing I'd make a mistake thing really puts a damper on things). Again, such a pretty palette!!!

    1. You got to try these Sunny, they are just so lovely to use.

  3. African Sunset looks like such a scary color in the pan, but it looks SO great on you! The Addiction powder blushes are really wonderful. I have a little nub of Amazing CS and it's such a great bright pink, just perfect for adding vibrancy just as you wear it.

    1. You make me want to own the Amazing CS too. I wonder how different the powder blush is as compared to the cheek stick. I just love the pigmentation, just right imho.


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