Monday, January 26, 2015

Addiction Eye Shadows Tiny Shell, Crow, Sandbar and Dolce Vita

Delving deeper into the brand Addiction, I give to you today four more eye shadow singles that will join my increasing hoard of Addiction eye shadows. Addiction eye shadow singles come in their own individual cases. Here I have bought the Compact Case 1 (1000 yen) to fit my singles. They are very easy to assemble, you can check out my previous post here to see how it is done.

Choosing the shades I wanted to buy proved easier because I could physically swatch them, to be honest I liked almost everything I swatched so it was really difficult to limit myself to just 4. These are the colours I chosen.
Tiny Shell (Pearl Finish)
Tiny Shell on my lids
Crow (Metallic Finish)
Crow on the outer corner of my lids
Finished look

Sandbar (Pearl Finish)
Sandbar is a gorgeous flesh tone colour with a satiny finish.

Dolce Vita (Pearl Finish)
Dolce Vita is a lovely warm chocolate brown shade.

Finished eye look with Sandbar and Dolce Vita

Left to right: Dolce Vita and Fudge (Metallic Finish)
You don't need both Dolce Vita and Fudge, they are very close except for the finish, Dolce Vita is the subtler sister of Fudge.

I am very happy with my four new eye shadows. The colours go very well together and I can see how they will be incorporated into my existing colours into a whole slew of combinations. At 2000 yen I would say these are great quality shadows backed with a great price tag. I don't feel as guilty splurging on this.

2000 yen each

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Gorgeous! I had my best friend send me a bunch of addiction make up and I picked out one shadow, Nostalgia,it's such a stunning multidimensional lilac taupe shade! I was tempted to get crow too, I love the charcoal quality to the shade but I realized I should get something that I'd get most use from! I was tempted by dolce vita too but I have similar shades in my collection! I would love to get a few more in the future!

    1. I own Nostalgia, it's really a pretty shade. I think Crow is a really interesting shade, it's pigmented and has a duo chrome quality. I want more too :) they are addictive.

  2. This is so pretty indeed! Love the colors. I think its worth the price. I will surely check on this....

    1. Hey Jess if you are ever at an Addiction counter you have to check them out.

  3. Oh these shades are so lovely!!! I'm very fond of Crow! It looks amazing... and you've done such a great job pairing them up! And thanks for the tip on Fudge vs Dolce Vita! Wish I can swatch them in person too!

    1. I'm glad I was of help Linda. Nothing beats going to the store yourself to swatch, I had so much fun. Crow is such a sexy shade, I'm really loving it.


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