Saturday, January 17, 2015

Addiction Cheek Stick Rose Bar

I have to say that Addiction makes awesome blushes. Addiction makes powder blushes (I'll show the to you in the next few posts), liquid blushes called Cheek Polish ( I have reviews of Revenge, Tadzio and Fresh) and Cheek Sticks. I also noticed that some colours are repeated in the various formulas like for example Rose Bar which comes in the powder version. Revenge comes in all three versions. 

I originally had my eye on Rose Bar as a powder blush but it was out of stock. Based on the MA in Shinjuku Isetan's limited English I think Rose Bar blush might be discontinued. Don't take my word for it though, could anyone confirm this?

Since I coud not get that Rose Bar I settled for the Cheek Stick version instead which I ust say is pretty awesome.

I love how handy this is. So easy to slip into my already crowded makeup bag.

Check out the neutral rose shade, great to pair with bright lips.

This cheek sticks blends very easily and there is no chance of overdoing it. I tried it both over and under powder. It works well on both. I am happy that I can use this to touch up. When applied over powder,it is able to blend seamlessly with my foundation and it stays put.

I am very satisfied with my cheek stick buys. I love the colours I picked and am very happy that they are versatile and long lasting. Addiction is quite an affordable upmarket cosmetic brand which makes quality products. Since the exchange is quite favourable to the Singapore dollar I paid about SGD $32 for this gem. Happy dance!

I'm not in favour for ordering these online because the prices are jacked up too high in my opinion. It would be fantastic if you could go to a physical counter to check them out, if not beg a friend who is going to Japan to get the for you.

I bought my Addiction items at Isetan Shinjuku. Unfortunately they don't have it a the Haneda International airport, I'm not sure about Narita though. Does anyone know?

2800 yen

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Rose Bar is such a wearable shade! The only blush stick I've tried so far is the Clinique one, which works pretty well and it's something you can quickly apply even in the car ;) Gotta love that!

    1. I like love how easy it is to use these cheek sticks.

  2. I think this shade is totally a wearable and universal type shade! I personally own the shade 'amazing' and it's the most wearable barbie type pink I've come across! Surprisingly blue toned so it doesn't make the teeth look yellow like most barbie type pinks! The textures of these are awesome aren't they?

    1. I bought Amazing too :) It's such a wearable pink. I really like these blushes.

  3. Yes they are available at Narita Airport.

    1. Thank you Shucheng, I'll make an excuse to go to Narita.


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