Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Addiction Cheek Stick Damask Rose

The second cheek stick which I am going to show you is Damask Rose. I couldn't just pick one cheek stick so I decided to get a brighter colour.

It is a lovely rose shade. It enlivens my face. It is an easy colour to wear without being intimidating.

I wore Damask Rose after I had set my liquid foundation with my Make Up For Ever Pro Finish powder. It glided easily and I found that I could blend it easily without it being patchy. It lasted for about 4 to 5 hours. I reapplied by tapping it on my cheek ones and used my fingers to tap and blend. It worked well too.

If you do visit Japan and can go to an Addiction please go swatch these and grab one. No, grab more! They are so handy to carry around and so easy to use. The quality of these cheek sticks are amazing. Definitely hoard worthy!

2800 yen

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. This shade is gorgeous!! That's awesome that you love it so much! I like how this shade is bright but not too neon bright and is subtle but definitely gives you a great fresh pinched cheek look! My shade is much brighter but surprisingly sooo wearable!

    1. Sharlynn, I am very happy with these. I feel they are really worth getting bed of the quality and relatively ok price. I am determined to get more if I ever head for Japan in the future.

  2. Hi Jacqueline, they look like lipsticks!!! Can you wear them on the lips?? The colors sure are pretty, but i'm really lousy with anything other than powder for my cheeks. :/ I'm so envious, i really wanna go to japan and shop to my heart's content too!!

    1. Hey Linda, I haven't tried these on my lips because I suspect it might be a tad too drying. These are very easy to use my dear, if I'm lazy with a brush I use my fingers to tap and blend. The formula is very easy to blend. I am plotting for my next trip! I'm already dreaming of the beauty counters :)


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