Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tom Ford Lips and Boys 30 Francesco

You know how much of a lipstick hoarder I am right. I can't resist a good luxe lipstick for the life of me. Even though I was on the fence about my first Tom Ford lipstick Indian Rose (one I now reach out very often for a polished yet subtle look, hey one is entitled to change her opinion of things (blush) I couldn't help hyperventilating over the Lips and Boys collection.  I think releasing mini lipsticks is such a great idea. I get more colours for less and don't have to ever worry about ever finishing a full sized one.

I had to wait and wait and wait some more before I could get my hands on these. They were selling these in Singapore for SGD $50 a piece (wait $50 for a mini sized lipstick???). I was stalking the Nordstrom website and when it was released, I decided to go for it and get a few. I figured since I was getting a few I could save a little on the exchange rate.

It was so hard deciding which Boys to order! After poring through the online swatches I narrowed my choices to these few.

I bought for myself James, Michael, Francesco and Alejandro. Cary and Didier are for dear Ruby from Miaka's Life and Loves. After seeing Cary and Didier in person, I'm kicking myself for not getting them too. By the way I just have to say that giving them boy names is brilliant.

Anyway in case you are unaware, some of these boys are actually repromoted of existing shades. The Raeviewer has information about them. In fact, James, Alejandro, Cary and Didier are repromotes of existing colours.

Left to right top to bottom: Francesco, Michael, James, Didier, Cary and Alejandro

Well, I am going to start with Francesco because he was the first one I picked to wear out. Before going into the swatches though, I thought I would let you see the full sized and the mini sized version for comparison purposes. The mini sized version USD $32 is 0.07 oz as compared to the full sized version USD $50 at 0.1 oz. The mini version sports the same look and feel. It is as luxe as the full sized version but way cuter and easier to carry around.

Francesco is a bright cool fuchsia that brightens up my face. I am in love with this colour and now I want Cooper too. How greedy can I be? Back to Francesco, he is creamy and opaque at one swipe. Even though he is opaque, he never felt heavy on my lips. It isn't the most moisturizing lipstick but it does not dry out my lips. It has enough slip to glide on easily on my lips.

I am not sure why but this time around my first impressions of these simply blew me away. I am happy to own each and every one of my boys and would gladly add more to my harem cough. At USD $32, it is the price of a full sized lipstick in many cases and even though my practical and logical mind says that it is way too much to pay for a tiny thing like this, I would gladly lay more of money to own more. How crazy is that? There is no explanations but I am head over heels over this boy.

They are disappearing soon so get them while you still can. At the moment I am hunting for Cary unsuccessfully at that. If anyone knows how I can get Cary, give me a holler. 

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Monday, January 26, 2015

Addiction Eye Shadows Tiny Shell, Crow, Sandbar and Dolce Vita

Delving deeper into the brand Addiction, I give to you today four more eye shadow singles that will join my increasing hoard of Addiction eye shadows. Addiction eye shadow singles come in their own individual cases. Here I have bought the Compact Case 1 (1000 yen) to fit my singles. They are very easy to assemble, you can check out my previous post here to see how it is done.

Choosing the shades I wanted to buy proved easier because I could physically swatch them, to be honest I liked almost everything I swatched so it was really difficult to limit myself to just 4. These are the colours I chosen.
Tiny Shell (Pearl Finish)
Tiny Shell on my lids
Crow (Metallic Finish)
Crow on the outer corner of my lids
Finished look

Sandbar (Pearl Finish)
Sandbar is a gorgeous flesh tone colour with a satiny finish.

Dolce Vita (Pearl Finish)
Dolce Vita is a lovely warm chocolate brown shade.

Finished eye look with Sandbar and Dolce Vita

Left to right: Dolce Vita and Fudge (Metallic Finish)
You don't need both Dolce Vita and Fudge, they are very close except for the finish, Dolce Vita is the subtler sister of Fudge.

I am very happy with my four new eye shadows. The colours go very well together and I can see how they will be incorporated into my existing colours into a whole slew of combinations. At 2000 yen I would say these are great quality shadows backed with a great price tag. I don't feel as guilty splurging on this.

2000 yen each

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Addiction Cheek Stick Damask Rose

The second cheek stick which I am going to show you is Damask Rose. I couldn't just pick one cheek stick so I decided to get a brighter colour.

It is a lovely rose shade. It enlivens my face. It is an easy colour to wear without being intimidating.

I wore Damask Rose after I had set my liquid foundation with my Make Up For Ever Pro Finish powder. It glided easily and I found that I could blend it easily without it being patchy. It lasted for about 4 to 5 hours. I reapplied by tapping it on my cheek ones and used my fingers to tap and blend. It worked well too.

If you do visit Japan and can go to an Addiction please go swatch these and grab one. No, grab more! They are so handy to carry around and so easy to use. The quality of these cheek sticks are amazing. Definitely hoard worthy!

2800 yen

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Addiction Cheek Stick Rose Bar

I have to say that Addiction makes awesome blushes. Addiction makes powder blushes (I'll show the to you in the next few posts), liquid blushes called Cheek Polish ( I have reviews of Revenge, Tadzio and Fresh) and Cheek Sticks. I also noticed that some colours are repeated in the various formulas like for example Rose Bar which comes in the powder version. Revenge comes in all three versions. 

I originally had my eye on Rose Bar as a powder blush but it was out of stock. Based on the MA in Shinjuku Isetan's limited English I think Rose Bar blush might be discontinued. Don't take my word for it though, could anyone confirm this?

Since I coud not get that Rose Bar I settled for the Cheek Stick version instead which I ust say is pretty awesome.

I love how handy this is. So easy to slip into my already crowded makeup bag.

Check out the neutral rose shade, great to pair with bright lips.

This cheek sticks blends very easily and there is no chance of overdoing it. I tried it both over and under powder. It works well on both. I am happy that I can use this to touch up. When applied over powder,it is able to blend seamlessly with my foundation and it stays put.

I am very satisfied with my cheek stick buys. I love the colours I picked and am very happy that they are versatile and long lasting. Addiction is quite an affordable upmarket cosmetic brand which makes quality products. Since the exchange is quite favourable to the Singapore dollar I paid about SGD $32 for this gem. Happy dance!

I'm not in favour for ordering these online because the prices are jacked up too high in my opinion. It would be fantastic if you could go to a physical counter to check them out, if not beg a friend who is going to Japan to get the for you.

I bought my Addiction items at Isetan Shinjuku. Unfortunately they don't have it a the Haneda International airport, I'm not sure about Narita though. Does anyone know?

2800 yen

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Burberry Winter Glow Collection 2014 - Complete Eye Palette Gold No. 2 Limited Edition

Good morning! Hilton bear says hi! I love this little fella, I found him on my pillow when I stayed at the Hilton Tokyo n December and I had to bring him home.

As you can see my makeup is not photographed on my regular white background (I use drawing paper). I am not particularly artistic when it comes to arranging my pieces for photography. (Blush) Anyway I bought my Burberry Winter  Glow items just before my trip to Japan and being the person I am, I had to bring them along to play with. I thought to myself why not make use of what I have to take pictures.

I was going to skip out on this collection because I have been telling myself I need to be more selective. Since I bought the Guerlain holiday collection, I really did not need another neutral eye shadow palette. Needless to say a trip to swatch at the Burberry counter at Tangs proved my undoing. I was unable to resist the metallic neutrals and it is very different from the Guerlain palette.

I am so pleased with the limited edition gold packaging. It makes it look so special and another good excuse to get it just because. It is exactly the same size and has the applicators as the regular Burberry eye palettes.

For this look I used the platinum shade (second shade from the left) on my lids.

I used the dark brown shade (first shade from the right) on the outer corner of my eye lids and the lightest shade (first shade on the left) for the brow bones.

I added the lightest shade on the inner corner of my eyelids for a little shine. And my liquid eyeliner. Tada!

I must say I am particularly pleased with the quality of the eye shadows. They feel buttery and are pigmented. This palette is not too warm and I believe is suitable for many skintones. The metallic formula just glows on my lids. Total love.

SGD $85

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks