Saturday, November 8, 2014

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows Diamond Finish 562 Taupe Platinum, 640 Golden Snake and 652 Celestial Earth

I took a trip down to Sephora to take advantage of the 20% discount. My intention was to just get my staples but I unfortunately got stuck at the Make Up For Ever counter swatching the new Artist Shadows. The texture and feel of the shadows were buttery and the swatches were awesome. I had to pick some up. I was torn between the awesome colourful shadows or get neutrals which I know I would use more often. Thankfully sanity prevailed and I only left with three neutrals instead of a gazillion.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows come in a simple pan with a plastic cover. You can see the number of the shadow at the back. Right now they are sitting on my drawer, homeless. I'm waiting for the 4 pan palettes to come in. There are single, duo and triple pan palettes which sells for SGD $9 (very affordable I think.)

562 Taupe Platinum

Taupe Platinum is a sparkly taupish all over lid colour that suits my warm complexion. It is a very simply colour to use and coordinate. I used Burberry Porcelain as a wash and paired it with Taupe Platinum on my lids. It is that simple.

640 Golden Snake
Golden Snake is more of a cool toned brown. Here is a quick and dirty swatch of how it looks on my lids.

652 Celestial Earth

Celestial Earth is more of a chocolate brown with reddish tones.

Top to bottom: Celestial Earth, Golden Snake and Taupe Platinum
Battle of the taupes! I took out my favourite Burberry eye shadows to compare with Taupe Platinum.
Pale Barley on the left and Rosewood on the right

Top to bottom: Pale Barley, Rosewood and Taupe Platinum

My quality control cat, Princess Precious making sure I get a good shot.

Burberry Eye shadow Midnight Brown
Left to right: Golden Snake, Celestial Earth and Midnight Brown
The new Make Up For Ever Shadows are pigmented. They feel buttery and soft but when swatched side by side with my favourite Burberry eye shadows, Burberry still triumphs when it comes to quality but honestly on lids, who can tell the difference?

I would use the analogy if you will bear with me, Make Up For Ever Diamond Finish shadows are like the flashy younger sister with loads of energy and oomph whereas Burberry shadows are the quiet and more refined elegant older sister. (Does that make sense to you?)

I love the Diamond finish because I love that added sparkle on my lids but it might not be for everyone.

These sell at SGD $26 per pan and I got it for SGD $20.80 at the Sephora 20% sale. What a steal!

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks


  1. Haaai Princess Precious! <3

    Thanks for the swatches and comparisons, Jacqueline! I love your picks, and I really need to check out the MUFE store here to see if they are finally available!

    1. These shadows are really good Sunny. Lady Snow and Princess Precious say hi to you, Kissa and Tango.

  2. I really liked the shades you've picked, I really need to check them out asap x

    1. You have to Drama, they are really good quality shadows.

  3. Great shades, I really like the look of Taupe Platinum. Your cat is so cute :)

    1. I can't wait to get the palette to put these babies in. My cats are so curious, they just want to get into everything.

  4. I love all three shades, I have many similar shades in my collection and my favorite one is Celestial Earth and Golden Snake! I really love the shade names, they have such a nice ring! I would totally love some burberry shadows right now actually!!


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