Thursday, October 30, 2014

Project Swap: Solone Color Party Waterproof Stick Eyeshadow ES-01 Starched Bare Boots and Es-07 Purple Mini Dress

These were on loan to me from dear Lunaface from The Flintstone Loves Pretty who knows how much I love cream eye shadows especially those that come in a stick! I'm still reeling over how fabulous the Kiko ones are.

Solone is a Taiwanese drugstore brand from what I can gather. You can get more information about them here.

If it is not for Luna, I would not have been able to play with so many interesting brands that I would probably not have access to or not know about, thanks babe!

(Information from Solone website)

1. High color chrome + shining pearl, Instant bright eyes
3D color technology to achieve full color with a shine.

2. Ultimate smooth, easy to choose on color gradients
Unique research and development of high-density formula, creating a smooth texture, cater the needs on all kinds of eye makeup.

3. Care ingredients 
Coconut oil, vitamin E and other valuable ingredients to help moisturizing and protecting the eye area.

4. Long-lasting performance, waterproof, oil resistant, anti-sweat and without plot line!
Waterproof and oil resistant formula, leaving no plot line creating the perfect lasting attractive eyes 

5. Comes in 7 colors and a pearl make-up base.

1271-1 Starched Bare Boots

1271-2 Sweet Champagne
1271-3 Brown Hair Color
1271-4 Peach Martini
1271-5 Peppermint Sweet Wine
1271-6 Navy Dance Floor
1271-7 Purple Mini Dress
1277 - Pearl Eyeshadow Base

These are very handy sticks that has a cap that clicks shut. Not a fan of the pastel pink  casing though but who cares, it is the product that matters. It twists up.

Left to right: ES 01 and ES 07
I'll be honest, they aren't the creamiest cream shadows I have tried before. They do apply slightly patchy so I go over my eyelids with this a few times. They are quite easy to blend but I need to blend fast. They are budge proof and I only spotted minimal smudging after 4 hours.

ES-07 Purple Mini Dress

ES-01 Starched Bare Boots

These eye shadow sticks however don't play well together or with other cream products but you know what I think they look pretty darn good on their own. I love the two smokey looks I created with just one colour.

On the website, they sell for $17.90. Not sure what currency it is in but I think Luna got them at a steal for $4. How cool is that? For that price I would gladly pick up all and play with them and live with the slight patchiness. I do wonder how long they will stay creamy for though.

Please check out Luna's review of them at her blog here.

Ratings: 3++ lipsticks


  1. I would totally use these as a base for a smokey look! I do need to check them out!

    1. Sharlynn, these are pretty cool especially if you ca get them for $4. :)


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