Sunday, October 5, 2014

Becoming a cat momma

I have always loved animals. At some point or another I had pets either at my own home or at my mom's. I always told myself that when I had the time I would adopt either a cat or a dog. Honestly, there is never a right time, either I do it or I don't. So during the September school holidays after a month's discussion with my husband and son we decided we were ready to adopt a cat.

We bought a pet carrier and a litter box and sand and thought we were prepared. We went to the SPCA with our pet carrier expecting to adopt a cat immediately.

We fell in love with a sweet little guy who was 4 months old but after the screening process, we were not successful. We did not mesh our windows and we were out of the house for too long a period of time to take care of a kitten. We were sorely disappointed and I actually cried. Having held that purring warm little body and having committed to take care of that little body for ever, it was hard to swallow. On one hand I was upset with the SPCA but on the other I applaud them for having a stringent screening process. At least I know they make all efforts to ensure that only suitable families get to adopt. So dear Scoot, it was not meant to be.

After the bout of crying, I decided to take action. I hunted for suitable meshing. We have casement windows with no grills. Hubs was not in favour of fixing grills because he did not want to give up the unobstructed view that we had from our windows. I had to find an alternative. I decided on magnetic screens for my living room and kitchen windows. After an onsite assessment, we decided roller screens were more suitable. We could still open and close our windows as an when we like. Granted that my cats are not "spider cats" and did not decide to jump or try to climb the mesh.

I am very pleased with them. My view from the windows is not obstructed, the wind still comes in and best of all my cat would be safe.

I looked at sites that offered cats up for adoption and at one point I am ashamed to say, I also contemplated buying a kitten but after much thought I went back to why I wanted a cat. I wanted to give one a better life so buying one who not be the right thing to do.

I came across an ad that featured a mother and daughter cat that was up for adoption. Mommy was rescued from the streets with 4 kittens in tow. Most of the kittens were successfully adopted save one kitten which she became very close to. The fosterers did not want to separate the two but it was very difficult to get them adopted as a pair. Hearing their story just tugged at my heart strings, since I was already planning to get one why not two. They could keep each other company when we were not at home.

I made contact with the fosterers and after a few chats they decided to visit us one Saturday with the cats to view whether our flat was suitable for the cats, whether we were genuine adopters and whether the "girls" would be comfortable in our home.

have to take my hats off to the fosterers for taking so much effort to ensure that the girl's would go to a good home. Needless to say it was a great visit. I felt very happy that my home and family passed their assessment.

We had a week to get ready for the girls as they were coming to live with us for good.

It was an emotional day for us and the fosterers. They had become quite attached to the girls and it was hard to let go of them. We signed an adoption contract and agreed for another visit in two weeks time so that they can see the girls' progress and for them to teach me how to bathe them. It kinda broke my heart when the fosterers were walking away from our home, the girls were sitting by the gate looking at them longingly perhaps think, "What you are leaving us?"

It has been a week since we welcomed the girls into our home. It has been a learning experience and a total joy. We are still learning together. Watching the girls together is such a joy and a calming experience. I love watching their mother and daughter interaction and can't help feeling blessed that we have been given a chance to share our home with such beautiful creatures.

I present to you Lady Snow and Princess Precious.

Lady Precious on the left and Princess Precious on the right, receiving a kiss from mommy 

Lady Snow has a little black spot on her nose
Lady Snow is a laid back sweetie who loves to flop down on the floor at your feet for belly rubs. Princess Precious is a needy girl who likes to meow for attention.

Happy Sunday folks!


  1. So precious! Have fun bonding with them and make many happy memories!

    1. Thank you Joyce, it is the best decision I made so far.

  2. Omg, wow! I never knew they had a screening process like that all! Most other countries seem to just let people adopt because they need to free up space! As for my family, we've always lived in a two storey landed here in singapore and our family's first cat was a kitten I picked up which was a stray in my estate. Some how we've managed to raise her so that she comes and goes as she pleases and stays in my room to sleep during days or nights but goes out and about to do his toilet business and play with other cats! She even gets onto our roof and comes to my window and meows so that i let her in! I love cats and they are so smart! I hope your two new kittens have a great time with your family! And congrats on the adoption!

    1. Thank you Sharlynn, honestly my hubs was shaking his head over the amount I spent on the window meshing but I think it was money well spent. I didn't rea how thourough the screening process was to.

  3. Kudos to you for adopting instead of buying, babe! You just saved 2 lives! I can't wait to see these beauties in person. :)

    1. Ruby, you inspired me! Seeing how you live with your cats made me want to do it too. They can't wait to meet you too.


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