Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Project Swap: Addiction Cheek Polish Fresh and Tadzio

My first foray into Addiction Cheek Polish blushes was Revenge which I love very much. I had originally wanted to buy Fresh but after Luna of Lunaface The Flintstone Loves Pretty's review of it (you can read it here), I decided not to get it because I feared it might be too sheer.

You can also read Luna's review of Tadzio here.

I met up with Luna ad we did swapsies again. And so I have both Tadzio and Fresh to play with.

Between Tadzio and Fresh, I definitely prefer Tadzio because it shows up better on my skintone. Fresh just disappears onto my cheeks. Tadzio is a powdery rose pink shade whereas Fresh is a sheer orange. I definitely think fairer skin tones would be able to wear these shades better. After applying these shades, I actually layered them with my powder blush to give it more colour. They were that light. That being said they can be layered to intensify the look.

Tadzio on my cheeks
Tadzio on my cheeks
Fresh on my cheeks
Fresh on my cheeks
These cheek polishes have a fluid texture that melts onto my skin. They don't feel greasy at all. I generally place three dots on my cheeks and use my blush brush to buff it on. I love the texture and the fact that they look natural on my skin. However Fresh just doesn't do a single thing for me. I do wish for more brighter and darker colours from Addiction. One can only hope.

These sell for 2940 yen if I'm not mistaken.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

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