Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gardens By The Bay yet again!

I swear this place has the bestest positive vibes for me. I love being among the pretty flowers and the cool atmosphere. 

This whole week was the school holidays and we took the opportunity to go down and get a quick flower fix.

DS is currently working on some stop motion films with his LOTR Lego characters and I thought it would be a great idea to send his Fellowship on location. That's him behind me taking pictures.

He was positioning his "actors". He refuses to use my Olympus camera which will give him better images but I guess he wants to create everything on his own terms. I could not resist taking some pictures of my favourite "actor", Legolas.

I call this "Legolas lost in the forest".

Poor boy had to take pictures of vainpot mommy as well.

Here is one of him goofing off.

Did I forget to mention there were pretty flowers? :)

Kudos to all the guys and gals who make Gardens By The Bay such an awesome place.

Around the whole area there are these really interesting chairs that look like thrones. And finally the picture that embarrassed my son till no end. I made him take a picture of me goofing off. I finally learned how to do this and I had to try.

I kinda cheated on this pose. I don't have the strength to do a deadlift into a chopper yet so I invert and use my feet to touch the bars. Then move my legs further back into this pose. Totally without finesse but hey it is the final pose that counts right?

Have a great Sunday people!


  1. What a great visit!! I went some months back during the ending of chinese new year and I just love the cool weather inside the domes and the colorful flowers! That's such a great idea that your son brought his legos and took photos like that! Seriously a great idea! And you and your super fit body! I'm jealous of what you can do with it!

    1. I bet you must have enjoyed yourself Sharlynn :) I hope my guys won't get sick of the place bec I still want to go back. We have finished our little film but it is a really raw version. Lots of blurred pictures and weird angles but we had lots of fun in the process. Thank you babe, come for pole classes, you will become stronger and fitter. ;)


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