Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dior Fluid Stick 373 Rieuse and 575 Wonderland

I am literally eating my words as I write this post. If you haven't seen my previous post about Dior Fluid Stick in Rose Tricheuse I gave it a 3- lipsticks. So why in the world am I still buying these (hides face). Honestly I don't have an answer, only that I'm a crazy makeup addict and sometimes there isn't a reason for anything.

I decided that I wanted to buy these at Changi DFS so that I would not feel the sting of a full priced makeup item. I got Wonderland at Changi but Rieuse was out of stock. I managed to find it at the Phuket airport.

Here is Rieuse. It is not a nude on me but looks natural.

This is Wonderland, a bright pink.

My guilty pleasures all together.

Doesn't Wonderland and Rose Tricheuse look a tad similar. I find arm swatches of many of the bright shades quite similar but when translated on my lips they look different enough to justify buying them. I think that's why I always have such a hard time choosing a colour for myself. I also hate it that the numbering is so small and hard to see. I am afraid I would bring home the same fluid stick.

The trick to wearing these is not to use a too slick lip balm on your lips before wearing a fluid stck. I wipe my lip balm off and colour in a matching lip pencil. That ensures that it holds the fluid stick. I can't just apply these without any prep. They will slide and look patchy if I don't prep. Between Wonderland and Rieuse, I prefer Wonderland. It applies better for me. Rieuse can appear patchy and sometimes it does not cover my entire lips.

You now what, I am willing to put up with the extra work because I have come to love the glossy yet pigmented look.

So what are your favourite shades?

Changi DFS SGD $38.70
Phuket DFS 1000 Baht

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks (hides face again)


  1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that these aren't as good as you were hoping but the colors really are sooo pretty on you! I too realize how much better the prices are at duty free so I don't mind waiting to travel but the last two times I was at changi I was sooo disappointed! The Estee lauder shadow duos were all sold out except for one and all the chanel blushes were sold out except for one super light orange shade that had like 8 left when all the other shades were sold out!

    1. The thing about buying at Changi is it's always a hit and miss. If you are lucky you might come across a new collection or there are new stocks. If it's a LE and I can't wait, I still buy it a full price at the counters. But I always look for a Guerlain Rouge Gs there. Which Estée Lauder duo were you eyeing my dear?

  2. Hey Jacqueline, I'm sorry to hear these still aren't love for you! I own both of these, and I really like them! For me the formula is perfect. It never looks patchy on me! I guess everyone is different!

    1. You know what I'm trying my hardest to make them work, on some days they are fantastic on others they are finicky. I still love the colours though.

  3. Hi Jacq,
    oh wow you got Rieuse and wonderland! I got both of these too! Sorry to hear that these are not what you like. I personally love this to bits and it suits my liking

    1. Babe so how many of these do you have? I like the brighter shades, I have a problem with Rieuse. It's finicky.


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