Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 Collection Etats Poetiques: Les Ombres 234 Poesie

You now what, even though I mentioned in my previous post about how high the markup for Les Ombres was in Singapore, I have to eat my words because I just bought Poesie from the counters. My intention of visiting the Chanel counter was to merely swatch it against Rivoli to decide which palette to order online but damn that limited edition thing and the need to own it there and then overrode any sense I had. I ended up toting the way cute tiny Chanel paper bag and giggling guiltily as I stored it with my ever expanding stash of eye shadow palettes. The craziness must stop but not yet.....

I must say this again, I really love the newly formulated Chanel quads. The pigmentation and softness of the shadows are to die for.

Dry swatch
Wet swatch
Left to right: Dry and wet swatches side by side
Here is a simple look I did recently. I used all the shadows dry. I used the light brown shade on my lids and used the champagne beige shade as a brow highlight and blended downwards.

I used the dark brown shade close to my lash line and blended upwards.

Then finished off with my usual liner ad false lashes.


Poesie is a neutral lovers dream. All the shades go well together. This is one palette I definitely will get alot of mileage from. The formula is fantastic. I love shimmering shades. I don't worry about my eye shadows fading away through the day. Since it is limited edition, it is a great excuse to rush down and get it before it disappears. 

SGD $90

Ratings: 5- lipsticks (I still don't like how ridiculously marked up these palettes are in Singapore, seriously order these online instead.)


  1. I've been eyeing these palettes a lot too and it is sooo crazy how much more we are charged! Even at duty free as I found out a few days back! It was unfortunate that basically every quad except the white, gray and black smokey quad were all sold out! Well I'll see how much cheaper it is here in indonesia! I totally want one!

    1. You have to get one Sharlynn, their formula is top notch. Have you tried ordering online? Heh when I order online I always spend more so I'm trying to resist myself, I have so many stuff on my wishlist.

  2. That looks great on you, I think its worth the splurge I really like mine. I think I'm going to get Rivoli next, I know its another everyday neutral type one but then those are the shades I seem to gravitated to so have decided one can never have enough ;)

    1. I have to agree that it is a worthy splurge but still I had to pay more than I have to. I am also thinking about Rivoli or Mademoiselle, neutrals are always the best kind of palette, they get the most use. :)

  3. Agree Jacq, the formula of Chanel's new quad is TDF! Very soft and buttery indeed!


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