Tuesday, September 30, 2014

D.U.P. Eyelashes 919 and 920 review

After wearing D.U.P Eyelashes for the first time, I fell head over heels over them. I went out and got more of them to try. I prefer natural looking eye lashes as opposed to spider legs stuck on my lids so I bought 919 and 920 in addition to another set of 921 and my Holy Grail eyelash glue. I seriously recommend the transparent lash glue as opposed to the black ones. Unless you have super steady hands, lash glue is liable to get on your lids. At least with the transparent lash glue, you won't have black glue all over your lids.

These lashes are very suitable for small Asian eyes. I do not need to trim these. The lash bands are very flexible and soft. They don't feel heavy on my lids in fact I almost forget that they are there.

919 looks more dramatic as compared to 920. I love the longer lashes at the ends. Very coquettish looking.

This is how 920 looks on my eyes. My heart is squealing with joy because these are just so so lovely.

These might cost more than the normal fake lashes you can get at Sasa but I think the quality more than makes up for it. They sell for about SGD $25 for two pairs of lashes and a small tube of lash glue. I  don't like reusing my lashes for too many times because I just get grossed out. But if you take good care of them and remove the glue gunk after use and keep them is a dust free container. I bet you can get at least 4 good uses out of them.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Pencil No. 2

I was in need of a eye brow pencil. My favourite Shu Uemura ones were worn down to their nibs and I was up for trying something new. I was at the Make Up For Ever counter at Sephora and Mr Didi Sin MA for Make Up For Ever introduced me to their Eyebrow Pencil in No. 2. Initially I was a bit wary of the shade. It seems a little too slight for me. What do you think?

It is so easy to draw my brows with this! And the lines are creamy and pigmented. I wanted to use both for a comparison but strangely my Shu Uemura pencil would not cooperate. I think it has hardened to the point that however I sharpen it, I cannot draw with it anymore.

So here is how it looks on y brows. I'm still a noob at drawing my brows.

Does it look natural on me or should I go a shade darker?

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy using this brow pencil. After drawing small lines on my brows I use my eyebrow brush to shade it in.

I bought this for SGD $30.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

I think this is one of the most blogged about eye liner! I got sucked into buying this after hearing about how smudge proof it is. And who doesn't want to finally master the all elusive cat flick?

I missed the initial launch of this so I was waiting for it t officially release. When I finally bought it, I felt like a won a prize. So was it all that it claims to be be?

Instead of a pull out cap, this requires you to unscrew it. There is a little orange stopper that is attached on the nib which you have to pull off before you can use it. This uses a twist mechanism at the end of the liner. I needed to twist it quite a few times before I could see product coming out.

I have to say that the AccuFlex tip does make a sharp and crisp line on my arm swatch. I like how easy I can make a cat flick with this but that's about all. I found it harder to line my eyes with this as compared to my liquid liners. The consistency of this gel liner is also dry. It took a little getting use to exactly how much product is needed. I tried lining my bottom lid just to experiment. It was difficult and the line looks horrible.

After about two hours of wear, my liner smudged and I had the dreaded panda eyes. Boo!

I have resorted to using this only to get my flick and using my trusty Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner to go over the lines to make sure they are budge proof. I have had slight success. On some days it works but on some days it still smudges. What a disappointment!

SGD $38

Ratings: 1 lipstick

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Givenchy Le Rouge 204 Rose Boudoir

I have been wanting to try a Le Rouge lipstick from Givenchy for ages. I came across them from Mostly Sunny's blog and I said to myself I had to try these. The words creamy and opaque simple caught my attention. Check out all the posts on Le Rouges here. (She has all the swatches here) I made my way to Sephora Ion to swatch these and decided to bring Rose Boudoir home with me.

There are a total of 24 shades when I checked out the Sephora website but I don't think the local counter has all the shades available.

I have to say that I really love the packaging. The leather like casing is just so different and bad ass.

Rose Boudoir is a bright rose shade on me. It is creamy and feels heavenly when it glides across my lips. It is opaque in one swipe and though emollient, it does not slip and slide all over. There was a faint scent and taste which I wasn't particularly fond of but it goes away very quickly.

Le Rouge is very kind on my lips. It doesn't make them dry out; After wear, my lips are still soft and supple, none of that nasty flaking business. It is such a joy to apply too.

I am totally willing to put up with the initial faint scent and taste because I love the formula and the bad ass packaging. I feel like a total bad ass rocker chick when I tote this around. Heh!

Hm.... what will be my next shade? What are your favourites?

SGD $50

Ratings: 4- lipsticks

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dior Fluid Stick 373 Rieuse and 575 Wonderland

I am literally eating my words as I write this post. If you haven't seen my previous post about Dior Fluid Stick in Rose Tricheuse I gave it a 3- lipsticks. So why in the world am I still buying these (hides face). Honestly I don't have an answer, only that I'm a crazy makeup addict and sometimes there isn't a reason for anything.

I decided that I wanted to buy these at Changi DFS so that I would not feel the sting of a full priced makeup item. I got Wonderland at Changi but Rieuse was out of stock. I managed to find it at the Phuket airport.

Here is Rieuse. It is not a nude on me but looks natural.

This is Wonderland, a bright pink.

My guilty pleasures all together.

Doesn't Wonderland and Rose Tricheuse look a tad similar. I find arm swatches of many of the bright shades quite similar but when translated on my lips they look different enough to justify buying them. I think that's why I always have such a hard time choosing a colour for myself. I also hate it that the numbering is so small and hard to see. I am afraid I would bring home the same fluid stick.

The trick to wearing these is not to use a too slick lip balm on your lips before wearing a fluid stck. I wipe my lip balm off and colour in a matching lip pencil. That ensures that it holds the fluid stick. I can't just apply these without any prep. They will slide and look patchy if I don't prep. Between Wonderland and Rieuse, I prefer Wonderland. It applies better for me. Rieuse can appear patchy and sometimes it does not cover my entire lips.

You now what, I am willing to put up with the extra work because I have come to love the glossy yet pigmented look.

So what are your favourite shades?

Changi DFS SGD $38.70
Phuket DFS 1000 Baht

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks (hides face again)