Thursday, August 28, 2014

YSL Rebel Nudes Glossy Stain No. 103 Pink No Taboo

One of my all time favourite lip products from YSL has got to be the Glossy Stains. I was very happy to be gifted one by a great gal pal of mine. She knows my taste well, thank you sweetie.

(Information taken from YSL website)

Gloss? Stain? Lipstick? Stop compromising and have it all. PREMIERING Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes. Revolutionary Nudes, our first Glossy Stain with reflective shine. Weightless feel. Long lasting color. 3D Luminosity. What's new? Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes captures the revolutionary formala of Glossy Stain and combines with Euphotic Colored Light technology to allow light to pass through and give an all day luminous 3D effect. Tips: First highlight lips with Touche Eclat to give a plump lip look. Apply Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes to the bottom and top lip without blotting. Allow color to dry on lips for all day shine. Repeat routine for a more dramatic shine look. Wear a Rebel Nude alone or apply on top of your favorite Glossy Stain for a new color and revolutionary 3D effect!

Pink No Taboo is part of a 10 shade range.

101 Nude Provoateur
102 Corail Mutin
103 Pink No Taboo
104 Fuchsia Tomboy
105 Corail Holdup
106 Bege Anarchist
107 Naught Mauve
108 Violine Out of Control
109 Fuchsia Fugitive
110 Reckless Pink

Dear Meryl from has a set of swatches here.

Pink No Taboo may be from the Rebel Nudes range but I don't think it is really a nude shade. On my arm swatch you can see that it has coral hints with slight shimmer to it.

On my lips, it becomes a nude coral pink shade that flatters me instead of washing me out.

I brought out all my glossy stains for some arm swatching action.

Aren't they gorgeous in the sun?

From right to left: No. 5 Rouge Vintage, No. 7 Corail Aquatique, No. 8 Orange de Chine, No. 12 Corail Fauve, No. 15 Rose Vinyl, No. 16 Pourpre Preview and No. 103 Pink No Taboo.

Just to recap on my review of the formula of glossy stains. When first applied, the glossy stain is sheer but it gets more pigmented when layered on. The glossy stain has a liquid consistency but after a few seconds it dries down to a slightly sticky finish. It is nothing tacky like MAC lipglasses, just slightly. The glossy finish stays on throughout the day. It isn't long lasting, it disappears with food and what remains is a slight stain. Reapplication is a breeze. I did not have have peeling lips whenever I wear this and after removal my lips remained healthy.

Glossy Stains sell for USD $34.

Ratings: 4+ lipsticks


  1. such a lovely shade! unfortunately I'm probably the only one who doesn't like YSL glossy stains, they're so sticky

    1. Hey sweetie. lol I am usually the one that hates sticky glosses, I can tolerate these quite well actually.

  2. That is such a beautiful shade you have! I'm truly on the hunt for a good brown toned nude lip color but I'm afraid that because these dry down so much it may not suit my always dry lips! Thanks for the swatching dear!

    1. You are welcome my dear, I hate lip products that are drying too. Have you tried the dior ones, those are quite nice too.


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