Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge No. 3 Light Rosewood

I love my Aqua Rouges. If I want something that will last the entire time these are the lip products I would pick. They have carried me through many dance performances without me having to worry about smudging and fading. Even though they are very tenacious they are kind of my lips. They don't dry my lips out.

Here are some the the Aqua Rouges I own.

(Taken from the press kit)

Aqua Rouge flirts with colors to offer long-lasting, irresistible kisses. Ultra-precise with two different applicator ends, it glides onto the lips with the simplest of gestures for spectacular results. The first applicator is made of foam and delicately applies a velvety, matte, high-coverage layer. The second applicator is a brush to roll out a vinyl-effect topcoat, guaranteeing impeccable color, all day long. A Haute Couture that literally dresses the lips in a tailor-made gown, the new Light Rosewood shade is the 18th color in this popular lip color line.

High in pigment concentration, Aqua Rouge ensures amazing coverage and is super water-resistant. Easy to
apply with a professional stroke, it comes with two different applicators for exceptional velvety shine.

• Promises long-lasting waterproof hold thanks to volatile oils and elastomer polymers that contribute to the
excellent fixation and staying powers.
• Mica mineral powder enhances ease of use by optimizing a smooth application and by intensifying the 
• The gelling agents guarantee the velvety texture and touch that go with Aqua Rouge comfort.

SGD $41

The wand which holds the pigment gives a matte colour. I usually wait for it to set and dry which takes a few seconds before I apply the gloss. The gloss gives a lacquered wet shine and seals the colour in. Generally when I reapply, I just top up the gloss, I don't see any need to reapply the pigment.

Light Rosewood is rose shade with hints of mauve I think. I love this on my lips. I use this with my stronger eye looks and Light Rosewood prevents me from looking washed out. Did I mention these are tenacious? In order to remove these I press a cotton pad soaked with Neutrogena Eyes and Lip Makeup Remover on my lips and hold it there for about 10 seconds and wipe off. If it isn't all off yet, repeat until it comes off entirely. Don't rub your lips, you will leave them sore and red.

Unlike the pastel shades, Light Rosewood works for my skintone. With Aqua Rouges I find the bright or dark colours working better for my skin tone.

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. This shade is amazing! The perfect dusty rose! I love these shades for both lips and cheeks but especially for sculpting on the cheeks! Your black lined eyes match the color so perfectly!

    1. Thank you Sharlynn, you are right, this shade is perfect for cheeks too. I didn't do a good job with the eye liner, it just looks ok from a afar. I usually won't wear it like that out, too intense. So you line your bottom eyelids?

  2. Really flattering shade on you! Also, the makeup you did in this post looked great! I've thought about picking up one of these, but I kinda forgot about them! Thanks for reminding me about a great lip product that's out there ;)

    1. Thank you Miss Louise, I was messing around with my makeup and wanted to do a look I don't usually do. Do try the Aqua Rouges, I think you will like them. Is there a particular colour you always lean towards?

  3. Hey Jacqueline, whoa I'm LOVING your makeup here! I can see you're lining your eyes differently, but did you do anything different to your skin as well? It's really beautiful!

    This is a good MLBB everyday type of shade, but if I ever go for one of these, I'd probably go for a red or something! I just have the impression that this formula works better with bolder shades!

    1. This makeup was for fun, I just piled on the foundation and tried lining my bottom lids too to see how it looked. The close up is actually quite bad because I can't get a hang of lining my bottom lids. I used the benefit push up liner. I love this lip colour too and the best part is it lasts and lasts, no real need to touch up especially on a night to town. The brighter colours are best but this turned out nice too. Don't go for the pastel shades, they are opaque enough especially on our skin tones.


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