Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sponsored Post: Charee Lashes 5296

(From the press kit)

Brand Info

Our Charee lashes born in early 2014 and finally ready to embark the beauty journey together with the beauty lover around the world. Made in Indonesia, this local brand are carefully curated with our lash master to give the best of both important point; look and comfort.

Launching the very first 10 favourite models, Charee lashes is suitable for everybody! Be it the natural look for daily use, glamorous for the girls night out or even to a romantic date with your loved one.

Using only the best of synthetic fiber and the clean and natural human hair, making Charee lashes one of the most comfortable lashes to be. Do join and let us dress up your look with our gorgeous lashes for a beautiful you.

SGD $7.99

Lash Type: 5296

Product description:
COLOR: Black
LENGTH: Medium
Price: SGD 7.99
*glue included

Here are the lashes up close. You can see the transparent band where the lashes are attached to. I usually line this band with a black liquid eye liner to ensure that they aren't visible on my lashes.

Handy little applicator to help apply glue on your lashes. This little bottle is good for quite a few uses but do wipe the applicator before you put it back in the bottle. I found that if I don't, product comes out from the bottle when I try to push the applicator back into the bottle.

Lash 5296 are perfect for date nights out and on smoky eyes. They give my eye lashes an extra oomph without looking overly dramatic or drag queen like.

Overall, I am loving this pair of Charee lashes. At SGD $7.99 these are affordable and the best part, it can be used over again so long as you take care to clean them and maintain them. I don't advise you using them too many times, after all these are very close to your eyes. Keep them clean. 

The thing with lashes is if you are taking photos or performing go for the dramatic ones but if you are going out on a date wear the natural ones. You don't want to scare your date off by having spider legs for lashes. :)

Last tip: Line your lids thicker than you normally do and tightline your tip lashes. This will help your lashes look more natural on your lids.

You can buy these at www.honeyzcube.com

Ratings: 4 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.


  1. Hi Jacqueline, The Charee lashes look beautiful and totally natural at a great price. Can't beat the price!

    1. Yup you can't beat the price and I love how comfortable they are.

  2. The lashes really added a dramatic tang to your eye makeup.
    I really need to wear mine more often lol

    1. I haven't really had a chance to wear falsies because I haven't had a chance to dress out. These days it is t shirt and shorts to go out with my family. Which are your fav lashes Joyce?


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