Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chanel Reflets D'ete De Chanel 2014 Summer Collection: Illusion D'ombre 95 Mirage, 96 Utopia and 97 New Moon

Quite some time back I went down to Sephora hoping to score some discounted buys with the 20% off. But I walked away from Sephora without absolutely nothing. Boo! I couldn't find the Guerlain Rouge Gs I was eyeing and frankly the long snaking queue at the cashier put me off. When a beauty addict is denied her shopping kick, she will get her high somewhere else!

I ended up at Chanel Ion and lo and behold the new summer collection was out. I originally wanted to buy Ambre Dore and Mirage only but .... Wait I put the entire blame on the SA there who somehow managed to convince I need all three Illusion d'ombres.

So I am going to show you the three Illusion d'ombres first.

Mirage 95

Mirage on bare lids
Mirage is a golden brown bronze shade. My favourite of the lot. How does it compare with Initiation from the 2013 Holiday collection? Initiation is more sparkly whereas Mirage is muted. If you fear sparkle and shimmers then Mirage is a great pick. Shade wise, they are quite similar. I threw in Ebloui so you can see how different it is from the rest. 

Left to right: Mirage, Initiation and Ebloui
Utopia 96

Utopia on my bare lids
Utopia is a lilac shade. In case you are wondering how it looks compared to Impulsion from the Spring 2014 collection, here it is. Impulsion is more pin whereas Utopia has more lilac to it. It contains less sparkles as compared to Impulsion.

New Moon 97

New Moon is the most glittery of the bunch. It is a lovely bronze brown shade with major bling going on. Not for the faint hearted but really lovely for a night out. Your lids will shine! Even though the glitter is obviously, I have not suffered any fall out from New Moon.

With Burberry Midnight Brown on the outer corner for some depth

Left to right: Ambre Dore, Mirage, Utopia and New Moon
Out of this whole collection, if you are a neutral lover, Mirage is the one you have to get. The rest are lovely additions but not must buys although they are limited edition pieces. You can take your time to get Mirage because it is permanent.

If you have been reading my blog, you probably would have catch on to the fact that I love my Illusion D'ombres. They are long lasting and smudge proof. They are very easy to wear, I use my fingers to pat them on my lids. The shades are no fuss shades that I don't have to scratch my head to think about how to pair them. They are wonderful to use just on their own. 

Which are your favourite shades?

SGD $52

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Nice haul, babe!

    I only bought Utopia and by the time i thought I need New Moon, it's OOS! Boo!!

    1. That happens to me all the time :) nevermind you can play with mine.

  2. Uptopia and New Moon are my favorite shades! Heard so much about these but I plan to buy them at duty free in the near future!

    1. Hey Sharlynn I hope you will be able to find them I heard from a friend New Moon is OOS at the counters, I hope you have better luck at the DFS. Don't you just love DFS shopping?

  3. I checked out the collection 2 -3 weeks ago but got away with my wallet intact. They are nice but lack the wow factor. I'm still depressed from missing out the beautiful purple shade from last fall(??) can't remember

    1. Good for you Joyce. I can never resist these. I think it's Diapason. Yes it is a beautiful complex purple. Very pretty. :)

  4. I've been eyeing New Moon for a while. I swatched it yesterday and I didn't like it but it looks great on you:)

    1. Hey Caise, thank babe. was New Moon too shimmery for you?


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