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Sponsored Post: ORBIS = U Trial Set

You know I am always happy to try new skincare items. ORBIS was kind enough to send this for me to try and up till today their products have worked well for me.

(Taken from the press kit)

Since 1987, ORBIS has established itself as an industry pioneer in oil-free skincare with the inception of the brand’s 100% OIL FREE skincare concept. ORBIS philosophized that the skin needs an OIL FREE environment to enhance moisture retention within its inner layers to improve skin health. ORBIS has identified 6 elements that characterizes beautiful skin and amongst the countless number of enzymes in the body, ORBIS focuses on 6 inner enzymes which have immediate effect on these elements.

Level of Enzyme Activity Determines Skin’s Age Through various related studies, ORBIS discovered that improving the level of activities of the skin’s 6 inner enzymes is the key to maintaining youthful and beautiful skin. HSP (Heat Shock Protein) is a type of protein that corrects damaged enzymes. HSP is known to be produced within cells by stimulation (or shock) such as heat. ORBIS uses HSP to restore the skin’s 6 inner enzymes when they get damaged by ultraviolet rays and aging.

With the new aging-care theory OIL FREE + HSP, ORBIS=U was developed to provide customized skincare to supply the skin with elements necessary for beautiful skin. In this manner, ORBIS=U is set to address skincare concerns of its users who were not satisfied by other skincare products used in the past.

The trial set comes with 5 mini skincare items that takes care of everything. I love the travel sized version, perfect for travel.

The first item is the Brightening Jelly Wash. The full sized version is 120g and cost SGD $28. This doesn't foam. I kinda like my cleansers to be foamy because it feels like I'm really washing my face. Anyway apart for the fact that it doesn't foam, this cleanser does not leave my face feeling tight. You can see tiny white bead like thingies in the cleanser, well it doesn't really provide much of an exfoliation. It really is a gentle facial cleanser. I use this after using my Neutrogena cleansing oil as a final step to cleansing. (I'm so embarrassed for you to see the state my palms. Yup those are calluses from my pole dancing.)

(Press kit)

A new type of non foaming jelly facial wash developed for stubborn “persistent dullness” of the skin that is common in the 30s and 40s group.

Creates clear skin one tone brighter through a polishing wash that removes surface impurities through gentle massage.

Contains HSP-containing Yeast Extract as a moisturizing ingredient, contains Double-Moisturizing Beads (Royal Jelly and Hydrolyzed Silk) as moisturizing ingredients for removing old keratin and grime. Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Free of artificial colors, Mild acidity, Allergy tested (formulated 
to minimize the risk of allergy)

The Moist Up Lotion is basically a toner. 180 ml for SGD $43.

Formulated with ORBIS’ original ultra-hydrating ingredient developed to care for stubborn “infinite dryness”. The lotion thoroughly permeates and delivers HSP and moisture to all areas of the skin.

Contains HSP-containing Yeast Extract as a moisturizing ingredient. Contains Thick Water Jelly and Low-Molecular Hyaluronic acid as moisturizing ingredients. Contains Penetration Feeling Improver as a  moisturizing ingredient good affinity for the skin. Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Surfactant-Free,  Free of artificial colors, Mild acidity, Allergy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)

The Warm Up serum, 25 ml SGD $65. It has a watery texture and is absorbed into my skin quickly.

ORBIS WARM UP SERUM is the beauty booster solution to beautiful skin. It works to improve daily ageing care by activating corneal cells to produce the 6 inner enzymes required for beautiful skin; and preparing the skin for optimal penetration of facial products applied in the skincare regime thereby enhancing the effects of facial products

Day Memory Moisture which is essentially a day cream. 30g SGD $41.50. It has a SPF of 20 and when absorbed into my skin gives me a slight sheen.

A dual-function day moisturizer with moisturizing and sun care properties to reduce UV damage.

Contains HSP-containing Yeast Extract as a moisturizing ingredient Contains Thick Water Jelly as a moisturizing ingredient Contains Ectoine as an ingredient for protecting the skin from dryness and damage caused by UV. Contains Houttuynia Cordata extract as a plant derived moisturizing ingredient, SPF20 PA++, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, UV absorber-Free, Alcohol-Free, Free of artificial colors, Allergy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)

Finally the Night Memory Moisture, 30g, SGD $46. This night cream does not feel heavy at all. It has a jelly like consistency that absorbs well into my skin

A dense, gel night moisturizer with intensive moisturizing properties to last till the next morning. The moisturizer’s unique feature of shape memory creates firm and lifted skin when absorbed.

Contains HSP-containing Yeast Extract as a moisturizing ingredient Contains Thick Water Jelly, Penetrable Collagen and Honey as moisturizing ingredients to deliver moisture and improved firmness to the skin Contains Tension Improver as an ingredient to improve skin elasticity. Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, Surfactant-Free, Free of artificial colors, Mild acidity, Allergy tested (formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)

This trial set lasted me about 3 weeks. The Moist Up Lotion and Warm Up Serum being the first items to be used up. All the items did their job but I did not notice any improvement on my skin. Perhaps I need a little more time for the products to work their magic. Out of all the items I like the Night Memory Moisture best, it was not heavy as a night cream and did not leave my face to look like a greasy mess in the morning. I wished the day cream would have a higher spf then I wouldn't need to top up with my own.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.

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