Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip 21C, 22C, 23C, 24C and 25C

(Information taken from press kit)

The Aqua Lip kiss stays perfectly synced with the Aqua Rouge ultra long-wearing waterproof lipstick shades. Its precise tip hugs the contour of the lips to correct or intensify the look - depending on the desired effect. Its smooth, creamy texture never dries out the lips and stays perfect for hours on end. With 20 shades - and 5 new hues (Cool Candy Pink, Tender Pink, Apricot Pink, Vintage Coral and Orange Red), achieve 
your desired sherbet-tinted lips for this summer!

Aqua Lip never needs touch ups and keeps its promise as a long-wearing formula. Waterproof with a high concentration of pigments, it offers ultimate coverage. It can be used alone for an intense and long-lasting matte aspect. Its supple, precise tip simplifies use - while its anti-oxidant properties protect the lips from everything... even kisses!

• High concentration of pigments for intense coloration.
• Volatile oils for long-lasting waterproof staying power.
• Jojoba wax and vitamin E - a natural anti-oxidant - for unparalleled comfort and easy application.
• High-viscosity polymer oil and polybutene with its powerful adhesive properties enhance the Aqua Lip formula’s staying power. 

SGD $34

21C - Cool Candy Pink
22C - Tender Pink
23C - Apricot Pink
24C - Vintage Coral
25C - Orange Red

You know choosing the right lip liner to go under your lipstick is like choosing the right underwear for you clothes. Choose the wrong one and your outfit just doesn't look right. Can you imagine wearing black or white underwear under your sheer white dress? Your lip liner is just the same. Choose something too light or too dark will highlight your lip line is a not so flattering way. I usually choose a lip pencil that is very close to my lip colour for lip shades where I don't have a matching lip pencil.

In a pinch, you lip pencil can also double up as a lipstick. Just apply a little gloss on top.

I am always happy to have more lip pencils. My lip "underwear" wardrobe has just increased which means I can choose the right "underwear" for my lips.

I'll be honest, these aren't the creamiest lip pencils. I find that having prepared my lips with lip balm helps Aqua Lips to glide better on my lips. Instead of just lining the outline, I fill in my lips with my lip pencil so that there is a base for my lipstick.

21C - Cool Candy Pink
22C - Tender Pink
23C - Apricot Pink
24C - Vintage Coral

25C - Orange Red
Orange Red on my lips
This is how Orange Red looks on my lips when I use it like a lipstick. Key is to prep with lip balm so that the pencil glides smoothly onto my lips. Not the most even application. My apologies.

This is how it looks on my skintone. I found my perfect "underwear" for my Rouge Effronte. Layering my YSL Kiss and Blush Rouge Effronte and Orange Red totally amps up the colour.

MUFE Orange Red underneath YSL Rouge Effronte
Out of all the shades here, I am only truly in love with 25C Orange Red. My lipstick collection leans towards the brighter and darker colours because of my colouring, as such the other colours don't look very good when layered underneath. It is like wearing white underwear under a white skirt. Glaring.

Below you see my favourite 'nude underwear' lip pencil. You can see it is well used. I wear this under my lippies when I cannot find a matching lip pencil.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for by the company. Review is my own opinion, I am not affiliated or paid by the company.


  1. I love tender pink and orange red! I've tried and own 5 of their eyeliners but I don't like how they wore off in little flakes and bits, this looks great though!

    1. Hey Sharlynn, I think the lighter shades will work on you well, you have the skintone for it :) I wish they were creamier though.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Mitch, thank you. Have you tried these Aqua Lip Liners before?


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