Thursday, June 26, 2014

Phuket 2014: Travel Diary (Picture heavy)

Don't you just love travelling. I always get so excited. As a child I rarely got a chance to travel so now as an adult, I'm making up for lost time. This time round we decided to head for Phuket, somewhere nearby. Hubs wanted to dive and I thought I would give mom a treat.

We stayed at Angsana Laguna which is near Bang Tao beach. Its about 30 minutes from the airport but also far from everywhere else. The reason why we chose this resort was because we wanted plenty of space. We were able to find a two bedroom loft for all of us to stay comfortably in. 

Roof top balcony
Mom and DS's room for the next few days
I love huge bathtubs, don't you?
Living area

The whole resort was spacious and lovely. There was a long snaking pool that DS had a great time swimming in. The various parts of the resort could be accessed via ferry.

Waiting for the ferry

A sweet baby elephants visits the resort twice a day and we got a chance to get up close and personal. I'm jealous of its long lashes!

The only 'shopping village' which was just a gaggle of shops. They do have a minimart though. Since it was low season, it was like a ghost town.

Low season is June. It did rain but only for short periods of time, the seas are however very rough and the sky cloudy. Because of the low season many of the shops on the beach were either closed or very quiet. But you know what, I like it like that. The weather was much more pleasant and less people meant less queues at the buffet line.

Being a Singaporean, my whole family is very used to short travel distances. From Angsana Laguna to Patong, it took about 30 to 40 minutes on a long and windy road which left my mom and son motion sick. So to counter that, I gave them ginger pills to calm their travel sickness. Transport can be an issue. It costs about 700 baht for a single trip to Patong on a cab. The licensed cabs have a green license plate. We were lucky to have met a driver who took us around and didn't mind waiting for us while we shopped or did our things. Through our driver, we learned about taxi mafias which operated out from Kata beach and Patong. Other drivers were not able to pick up passengers from Kata or Patong.

Since pole is my hobby, I took the opportunity to visit Pole Dance School Phuket. I took private classes with the wonderful instructor Jenny Liebert and also met May. The school was quite hard to find so I was ever thankful to my dear driver Mr. A who took the trouble to call them to find out exactly how to get there and wait for me to make sure I was safe.

With the lovely instructor Jenny Liebert
With May
Jenny was wonderfully patient especially with a noob like me. I'll be honest that I was out of my comfort zone but she challenged me and now I have a few new tricks in my repertoire. I have not mastered them yet but I will keep practicing. The above pictures were us fooling around on their newly acquired aerial hoop.

After class, we headed down to Jungceylon in Patong. It is a huge shopping centre chock full of eateries. We stocked up on groceries.

I wanted my family to experience new stuff so I thought it was a good idea to charter a boat to travel around the islands for some snorkelling. Unfortunately I forgot to take account that the seas during this time were still rough and being land bound Singaporeans, we were not prepared. The day started out fine but the moment we headed out to the big sea, the water was rough. My poor mom and son suffered sea sickness throughout the entire trip and we had to cut our trip short and turn back before they got any worse.

Catamaran 48

The calm before the storm so to speak
Note to myself, no more boat trips!

DS was interested in horseback riding so we did that. My poor butt! One hour and I had bruises on my butt. I couldn't sit properly the whole night!

I love Phuket! It has a very relaxed vibe to it. I do hope I'll be able to visit again and this time round during the high season where the sea is calmer. Have you been to Phuket? How was your experience like?

I'll talk about food and beauty in my next post. Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW! You guys had a blast!! I love the photo of your son the giant tub! And where you stayed looks lovely! I think it's great to go off peak season, I did that in march with my boyfriend and visited krabi, it was so relaxed without the holiday crowds! You've got such a fit body and I'd love to take up pole dancing classes in the future! I've been to phuket many times when I was younger but all pre-tsunami and I haven't visited again since! I need to go back!

    1. I think you would enjoy yourself in Phuket Sharlynn. I have been wanting to visit Krabi too, is it a good vacation for families with children? Thank you Sharlynn, I think I only made the effort to get fitter starting of this year. You will enjoy pole dancing babe. I learn at Groove Dance School. Come join! :)


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